Top Easy Winter Makeup Tips

Winters are considered not so admirable and suitable from fashion lover’s perspective. The nights are too long and the days are too short and it so often happens that you can’t see the sunshine for longer hours.  Though, winter days are relaxing and cozy but, are dreadfully boring as well in terms of fashion and makeup styles.  Women always urge for ways to brighten up their winter days with a suitable makeup. Here are some tips that might help you in achieving a marvelous makeup for this winter season.

Winter Makeup Tips:

Red lips:

If you admire the bare face them, make your lip the center of attention. Brighten them up with a splash of red shade. Red lips personify the old, sophisticated glamor and it is a color that suits almost all shapes. Although, latest neon and metallic colors have faded the charm of red lips but, it is back in action again lately. This makeup style is bold and sexy giving an opportunity to make a unique bold style statement.

Lavender eyes:

From pretty plump to soft purple lavender eyeshades has a variety of colors that look amazing on almost all eye colors. Plum makes the brown eyes hotter and lavender beautifully intensifies the clue, gray eye color. Apart from versatility lavender eyeshades   also display the playfulness and give the proper attention to your eyes that they deserve.

Neon for nails:

Another interesting and sophisticated way to brighten up your winter is the bright and stylish neon colors. Top nail polish brands make you available with a plethora of neon colors that adds to your winter styling sense. From tangerine to orange to yellow to teal you have an array of choices to paint nails brightly.


Sunless days give a pale skin that doesn’t look attractive and stylish. To avoid the vampire looks try to wear some fake tan that creates an overall glow. If you have proper resources you can easily buy a tanning spray package from a reliable shop or salon. These are available in the form of gel, powder, lotion and cream form. Make up brands like Neutrogena and L’oreal offers a marvelous tanner at quite affordable rates.  For a more immediate glow bronzer makes a good choice. Bronzers can be purchased easily from a reliable drug store and some of the top makeup brands like Maybelline, N.Y.C and many more carry quality bronzes. With very mild strokes of bronzer on cheeks, forehead and nose you can achieve a natural r sunny tan easily.

Flushed cheeks:

Flushed cheeks in winter give an overall sophisticated look. So, before leaving home apply a quality dust highlighter on the apples of cheeks, dust with elements of pink and peach gives a more sophisticated overall appearance. It just gives a natural look like the chilled wind have kissed your cheeks or you played in snow for a few hours and your cheek flushed because of having weather fun.

These are some simple and affordable winter makeup tips that can brighten up your overall personality within no time.

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