Top Home Remedies For Treating Excessive Face Hair At Home

Facial hair is something that can become a problem especially for women. Excess of facial hair needs to be dealt with as they can become quite problematic. You can find many different remedies for this problem but none will be as good. The ones that you find here on the other hand are quite promising and can get the job done for you. The best thing about these remedies is that they are very simple and can be done at home. They are cost effective as you do not need any sort of expensive equipment.

Home Remedies for Facial Hair

Sugar Lemon Mix

Sugar that is mixed with lemon juice and water does an absolutely beautiful job at dealing with facial hair. This mixture is natural bleach that hides all of the excess facial hair. Each of the substance that is present in this mixture has a function. The lemon juice lightens the color of the hair and the rest of the mixture removes the hair on your face.

Sugar Molasses Home Wax

If you mix sugar with molasses or corn syrup, then the mixture that you get is highly useful. One of the many uses of this mixture is that it is used for removal of unwanted hair. If you mix sugar with molasses then you get a wax like substance, you can apply it to your face and remove unwanted hair.

Potato And Lentil

Potatoes and yellow lentils are great for removing unwanted hair from your face. Potatoes have bleach properties in them and when they are combined with yellow lentil then it helps to make the hair color lighter.

These were a few home remedies for removal and treatment of unwanted facial hair. All of these remedies are effective and very simple; therefore you can easily do it at home.

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