Top Homemade Beauty Tips and Recipes – DIY

Your kitchen is the best place to find many ingredients that can boost your skin and add to your beauty. You may hardly know about them but you can use these natural ingredients to increase the beauty of your skin texture, nails and hands and feet. These fruits and vegetables are not only good for eating to keep your body systems happy and for optimum functionality but you can also use them in form of essence, oils and pastes for your overall health. Many people suffer from different skin conditions due to changes in weather and atmosphere. The skin can turn in to rough dry and dull due to over exposure to the sun. For a person with oily skin it is difficult to maintain healthy balance and skin condition in summers. So, by using natural ingredients found at home lying on the shelf or in the fridge you can cure many skin diseases as well as maintain healthy trouble free skin for a long time.

Dry skin condition can be treated at home easily with the help of honey, some oils and butter. Every ingredient to make this recipe works wonders on dry skin. Honey is known for the properties of being able to retain or lock the moisture in skin. Oils are essential to create nice balance and addition of butter helps in providing complete nourishment to dull and dry skin. From dry to sensitive skin, all people can use honey, cocoa butter and a drop of lavender oil for their skin. Melt butter, add honey and lavender or any oil of your choice for fragrance, apply to clean dry face, leave on for some time and then wash away with luke warm water. This is one of the best exfoliate recipes that has no side effects. Before applying the mixture on your face make sure you have heated it in microwave for a few seconds. It will help the butter melt and its application will become easier. Use it all over your body twice or thrice a week for your skin to retain moisture and to get rid of dry flakey skin.

Honey can be mixed with many other ingredients usually lying around in kitchen cabinet or refrigerator.  It can be unsweetened chocolate or use cocoa powder instead, juice of lemon, kosher salt, grape seed oil to make a mixture for your body. Use it all over your skin and rub gently. It shall exfoliate and retain moisture. Remove the mixture by standing under shower or clean it away with a damp cloth or towel.

Honey is a powerful ingredient with unlimited benefits for the healing of your skin, for cutting fat and for regulating body functions. You can use it with couple of other natural fruits and vegetables pulp, essences, oils, spices and with plain water for miraculous effects improvement of your skin condition. Use it for facials at home, as a conditioner for hair and as an agent for skin burns. Honey has immense healing properties and one of the best ingredients used for homemade beauty recipes.

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