Top Natural Tips to Take Care and Manage Your Dry Hair

It’s a dream of every girl to have healthy, shiny and silky hair, but however it is very difficult to match up with the hasty moving life. At the present time only a few people are there who still give some time from their day and manage their hair. It needs proper time for nourishment to be like flowery curls that all the girls have on the shampoo bottles. If you will not care for your hair it will result in thin, brittle, dry and damage that are far more difficult to handle. Dry hair seems rough and thin that are more intend to breakage, split end, tangles and damage. Dry hair even after shampoo seems the same damage. Handling dry and damage hair is one of the daunting task which also ruin all the fashion of  girls.

Tips to Manage Dry Hair

There are a few tips that will help them in easy managing of the damage hair.

Tips to Manage Dry Hair # 1: Beat one egg in a cup of skimmed milk, when foams form and become consistent, apply it on the scalp and leave your hair for almost five minutes. Then, wash your hair with water properly, you can perform this treatment for two weeks almost, it will provide strength to your hair and make them stronger.

Tips to Manage Dry Hair # 2: Take one cup coconut milk, gram flour 2 tbsp and one tsp shikakai. Apply this blend on the scalp, massage it well with soft hands. Massage it for five minutes and then wash with plain water.

Tips to Manage Dry Hair # 3: Take one tbsp of glycerin and castor oil and then add cider vinegar juts one tsp and one tbsp of any herbal shampoo which should be mild, it will be an effective solution and is ideal to use for dry hair. Apply it on the scalp for twenty minutes so, your scalp will get all the nutrients to make the hair healthy. Then, wash it with plain water.

Tips to Manage Dry Hair # 4: People having dry and feeble hair have no need to wash so frequently. Daily shampoo on dry hair will make the hair dryer and remove all the natural essential oil and nutrients from the scalp as these oils are helpful in fighting against dryness.

Tips to Manage Dry Hair # 5: Coconut oil is one of the ideal product for dry hair. Apply coconut oil to the scalp and to the end of the hair and massage well with soft hands. Keep the oil on hair for the whole night. On the other day wash your hair with mild shampoo. Continue this process for almost 3 weeks and get dazzling results for your lifeless and dull hair.

Tips to Manage Dry Hair # 6: Massage with olive oil and safflower oil will also give you better results. These oils give moisture to the scalp and make the hair strong. You can also do it with coconut oil.

Tips to Manage Dry Hair # 7: People with dry hair have to be careful in choosing a hair brush it must be soft. Baby brush is one of the best option as it spread natural oil to the hair ends taking from the scalp so, providing good nourishment to hair and give a silky look to dry hair.

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