Useful Home Remedies for Face Cleansing

The face cleansing in a proper way is necessary apart from simply washing it by using the face wash. Many people think that washing the face twice by using face wash would help removing scars and spots. There are some recommended tips by experts that would let you know about the actual way of face cleansing.

Home Remedies for Face Cleansing:

  • Lemon is the best face cleanser. Though, it should not be used directly over the face but you may use it by adding some honey. This thin paste can be applied over the face at least once a day.
  • Cucumber has the effective agents of face cleansing. Many cleansing milks are made by using cucumber as the major ingredient. It is also used to apply directly over the face either in the slices or the thick mixture.
  • Believe it or not, the charcoal has the natural agents that cleanse the face beyond your expectations. It has revealed few years ago in a research that charcoal is highly effective for cleaning the face as well as for teeth stains removal.
  • The peel of orange is another foremost natural source that helps to cleanse your face. Simply, make a powder of the dried orange peels and mix it with the water for making thick batter. This remedy doesn’t require rubbing. You can leave the paste on the face. Then, rinse the face with the plain water. Avoid using the face wash or any chemical-based product for washing the face.
  • Yogurt is also a suggested option for removing the scars and spots from the face. You can apply yogurt for 10 minutes daily on the face. Rinse face with the water and remove the oil by using any herbal face wash. You’d definitely see the difference within a month after relying upon this remedy.
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