Ways For Women to Look Fresh During Hot and Humid Days

Summers are usually hot where we live. During hot weather, your body needs lots of water and moisture to keep it calm and cool. Summer is the time when you see beautiful floral prints on lawns and other lightweight fabrics. Besides the benefits of hot weather, there are many disadvantages such as sweating and dehydration. Many people get their skins burnt while working under the sun while others can fell ill due to sunstroke. However, the real challenge during summer months would be keeping you fresh and energetic. You have to be prepared for facing the sun and you need to take more care of your personal hygiene.

Stay Fresh:

During hot weather you should take shower twice daily. Morning shower will help you stay calm and fresh through the day. Take another shower before going to bed to get rid of dirt and fatigue. Use lots of fresh flowers and bath salts along with refreshing gels in your bathtub. You will feel real good by getting rid of sweating and stickiness.

Adopt a Refreshing Lifestyle:

It is not only taking shower twice a day but you can change your lifestyle a bit to enjoy the sun and heat. Switch from oily to water based formulas when it comes to makeup. If you have to work in the field make sure you have got sunscreen or sun block in your purse. Sleep on time and avoid working under direct sunlight. Wear a hat or scarf to protect your hair or carry an umbrella with you to protect you from the scorching rays of sun.

Wear Lightweight Fabric:

Cotton is the first choice of lots of people. The perfect fabric can absorb sweat and protect your body from the harmful effects of hot weather. Do not use dark colors and shades in summer season. Dark colors absorb the heat while lighter colors can deflect hear so you can remain calm under sun. Choose from a variety of colors, prints, styles and designs to make you look beautiful.

Deodorants and Perfumes:

Use deodorants a lot of times throughout the day to remain fresh and fragrant all through the daytime in office or at home. Use fragrances made from flowers and such herbal ingredients that are helpful in keeping your body cool and fresh. You should also buy powders for your feet if they sweat hard in the hot weather. You can use rosewater for soothing your eyes and skin. Take some cotton swabs and dip them in rosewater for a while. Cover your eyes with these soaked swabs for some time to increase the shine and for the feelings of freshness.

Eat less spices and hot beverages:

Eat simple and avoid oily hot and spicy foods in the warm summer weather. Drink lots of fresh juices and increase the amount of semi solids and easy to digest foods. Increase the amount salads in your diet and add lots of green vegetables on your menu.

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