Ways To Hide And Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Eyes

One of the most common problems that most of the women usually face is dark circles under eyes. Sometime dark circles formed naturally and sometimes it is due to some deficiencies in the body like deficiency of minerals, vitamins, essential nutrients or may be due to insufficient sleep or sickness and may be of any other reasons. But everything has some better solutions both in natural ways and also through cosmetics. One can use any method to remove these dark circles which look very odd. Even through makeup technique one can hide their dark circles.

Vitamin K creams:

Most of the dermatologist said that dark circles form due to the pooled blood under the thin skin of your eyes. Vitamin K is very good and important in removing dark circles. One can take vitamin K rich food and can also use vitamin K rich cream on these dark circles. Many manufacturers add vitamin K in eye creams to provide better results.

Use sunscreen:

Another reason for the dark circles under your eyes is the sun, it may cause these dark circles as sun stimulates the pigments under your skin and make your skin darker under eyes. Always one has to use sunblock while going out in the sun and always use those creams which has sunblock in it they protect the pigments and will not form dark circles.

Enough sleeping:

In order to control, remove and avoid dark circle one must have to keep a track of sleeping hours. Enough and sufficient sleep is very important for keeping your skin healthy and fresh. Sleeping greatly affect the eyes. Insufficient sleep can make your skin pale, make your dark circles more noticeable. Sleep of  7 to 8 hours is sufficient and will give a perfect look to the eyes.

Use of concealers:

This is like a last remedy for hiding dark circles and that is the use of concealer when all other remedies will fail to show results. But the use of concealer is itself a story it needs some techniques to get better results and will work miracles. It’s very beautifully hides all the marks on the skin.

Here are the few tips about how you can choose a perfect concealer.

  • Always choose one shade lighter concealer then skin as it is mostly used to cover dark sports on the skin. So, with lighter tone you can easily hide these dark marks and no one will notice it.
  • Those people having dry skin they have to use cream concealer, for normal skin stick works well and pot concealer are also good as they are drier as compared to cream concealer.
  • Those having very dark circle or other heavy spots on their skin so, they have to use a stick concealer as it is heavier as compared to regular concealer and can cover all dark spots.
  • While patting concealer use middle figure it will give you better results. This way you will better cover all the sports and gives a smooth look to your eyes as well as to your whole face.
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