Ways To Treat And Avoid Chapped Hands in Winter

Chapped hands may be painful and sore. But, such hands can be soothed by using moisturizing lotions and can be treated by avoiding excess use of water. In case your hands become chapped badly then cream named as hydrocortisone creams are best to use that will smooth the dry skin and heal any scratches that appears due to dryness.

Causes of cracked and chapped hands:

Chapped and dry hands are the actual problem of everyone who performed heavy households and enjoys outdoor activities. This problem mostly happens in winter due to the lack of moisture that is provided by the summer, these hand problems mostly develop due to use of some hand wash and soaps. Chapped hand problems mostly happen due to the excessive dryness of the skin. Some people have extra dry hands as compared to other people but still everyone faces chapped hands problem at some point of their life.

The basic reason of chapped hands is the skin have not enough capacity of moisture retention. And this results in chapped and rough hands. If one will not pay attention and take care then, the problem becomes severe and serious.

Care for cracked and chapped hands:

There are following tips that increase the hands capabilities of moisture retention.

  • Use of moisturizer regularly keeps your hand moist.
  • Apply hose substances which can work better for restoring the elasticity of skin cells, the skin cells start healing, your skin starts accepting the moisture but once healing is completed, the cells of your skin will be perfectly able to keep moisture in the skin.
  • Shea butter in unrefined form is the best moisturizer, it is an ideal product for revitalizing skin cells, so they will be able to regain the moisture retention ability. It contains high amount of moisture and also contain good healing power. For increasing the healing ability of this butter mix it with some essential oils like sandalwood and patchouli that make your hands more smooth and soft.
  • Another obvious and good choice to avoid chapped hands problem use of gloves is good for keeping your hands warm. So, buy good gloves pair and use them whenever you go out in cold weather.
  • Use moisturizer frequently, apply whenever you exposed your hands to water again and again. After washing dry the hands well, it is an advised not to go out in cold weather with wet hands, it is something you are inviting frost bite, also dry your hands well even before wearing gloves.
  • Take in equal amount lemon juice and glycerin, mix them well and use them on rough palms. It will make your hands smooth, soft and beautiful.
  • Salt is also good for dry hands, after washing your hands, dry them well then apply salt on your hands and scrub it on your hands in water, dry them and then use lotion over your hands.
  • One can use petroleum jelly to avoid chapped hands, similarly, olive oil and mashed potatoes are good for treating chapped hands.
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