10 Tips to Follow When Applying Makeup

Tip #1 – Allow Yourself Enough Time

There is nothing that can end up makeup into a disaster or rather a monstrous look other than you are in a hurry or you really are not sure of what you are applying to your face. Applying makeup is an art and one can learn it by practicing and spending some time learning this art. If you wish to try a new trick or makeup product you need to practice a little to run ahead.

Tip #2 – Start with a Clean/clear Face

Makeup goes the best over clear skin. It is good to wash your face using a good face wash before at least half an hour you apply your make up. This will make your skin feel good and relax for a while. Never use harsh scrubs to exfoliate dead skin. Rather choose a mild scrub and gently scrub your skin to remove dead skin. Applying a serum after exfoliation is a good idea as it will help block the open pores where makeup might settle down resulting into breakouts.

Tip #3 – Know What You Are Doing With Your Hair Before You Start Your Makeup

For those who wish to style their hair somehow should tie them or whatever they want to do with them   their hair. Since for style it might involve washing your hair or putting rollers or an iron to style them as per your needs or liking. So using water or even gels might ruin your makeup so it is better to style your hair before you start your makeup. Also, make sure you have a way of keeping your hair out of your face while you do your makeup.

Tip #4 – How To Get The Best Points On Eyes And Lip Liners

It is good to put your eye liners or lip liners in the refrigerator before you need to use them. This will help you make your lip and eye liners hard enough so that when you sharpen their lead they give you smooth hard and pointed nips. However, cold makeup drags and catches when you go to apply it, so they need to be room temperature for actual use. If you are doing fancy makeup in the evening, put those liners on a shelf in the fridge the night before or morning of the big event. Sharpen them before you go to wash your face, and then let them stay out and they will have warmed up appropriately by the time you are going to use them.

Tip #5 – Have A Well-Lit Place To Apply Your Makeup

Make sure you apply your makeup in a place where there is ample light facing you. So that, you can see very well what color you are applying and how and where. Does that suit you or not. Is it right for the party you are going to attend or not and so many other questions to be answered. Always try to put your makeup stuff in your room if it has good light exposure or the mirror faces the light. Being able to see what you are doing makes for a cleaner and more even application. You don’t want to look like a painted clown if you make yourself up in dim light and then find yourself standing someplace bright. Put the makeup on in good light, and then check it in more dim light to see the effect if you know you are going to be out someplace darker. If you need to make the look bolder, you can always add more easily. Removing too much makeup is much more difficult. So better get the best light for you when you apply makeup.

Tip #6 – Skin Tone and Application of Foundation

“Foundation” is the name given to the base layer of makeup that goes on to even out skin tone. It plays an integral role when you apply makeup. Because when the foundation or the base is perfect rest of the things automatically look great and become easier to apply. Remember, don’t forget to blend it down onto your neck and out to the ears if you want to avoid the clown face look. Apply foundation gently all over your exposed areas.

Tip #7 – Blush

This is an area where a little is better than a lot. Blush is most often a powdered makeup that most people think is for adding color to cheeks, but really it’s about shadowing and contouring the cheekbones and sides of the face. Again, practice makes perfect. Done badly, blush comes off looking like some sort of paint or an 80s New Wave flashback.

Tip #8 – The Eyes

I think the biggest thing that people mess up when it comes to applying eye makeup is that they overdo it. The other eye makeup mistake that’s often seen is too much or too heavy an application of eyeliner. Lining, all the way around the top and bottom lash line of the eye shrinks it down. Skip the bottom all together for daytime looks, or only put eyeliner on the outer one-third of the lower lash line. And blend and soften your eyeliner with a fingertip. Save those really dark and bold eye lines for nighttime. Applying eye liner is an art and if it is mastered you can make your eye doing magic. Traditional eye makeup with thick eye liners looks exceptionally amazing.

Tip #9 – Lovely Lips

The best thing you can do to end up your makeup application is by applying lipstick. Choosing the right shade is very important. You need to choose the best shade according to your dressing and occasion and of course keep your age in mind too. Choosing for soft and subtle shades is a great idea. Never go for tacky shades like orange or green or bright pinks. Gloss adds to the look of your lips so apply lip gloss after the application of lip gloss.

Tip #10 – Less Is More

Application of little makeup is more than enough for you many times. It is not necessary for you to look like a clown by applying too much makeup. Make sure you do not over do anything. Depending on the occasion, day or night time you can add or lessen makeup application and can look great both at night or in day time, at office or at any party.

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