5 Common Make Up Blunders By Makeup Lovers

Makeup blunders are the most favorite hobby of the makeup lovers who are intended to look more enchanting but, unfortunately seem like a clown. Don’t worry, makeup blunders happen to every girl. Even if a girl has been using makeup for her teen ages she will still commit mistakes somehow the other. One can easily avoid makeup mistakes and can make corrections. Read the 5 top most makeup blunders and ways to avoid and fix them.

Common Makeup Blunders:

Light lips, dark liner:

Girls often use lip liner darker than the lip colors and end up looking tacky and trashy. You can avoid this mistake by applying a liner close to the lip colors. You can also make your liner bit lighter to match it with your natural color. If you can’t avoid using liner then fill the lips with the same liner or lipstick. Application of liner in harmony with lipstick looks more charming and attractive.

Too long Eyeliner:

Eyeliner application is tricky and demands a steady hand for a professional look. However, if the tail of the liner is extended too much on the eye then shift your plan to cat eyes. Actually, cat eyes are in vogue for pasts several seasons and the trend remain intact for several years to come. Creating eye cat is easy though, it takes some time and skills but, looks sexy and suits almost all face cuts.

Clumsy mascara:

Lustrous eyelashes are the dream of every aficionado but, some of the girls go over with mascara and the lashes end up looking untidy and clumsy. To get a clear application start from the lash line and apply gently and softly. If you are habitual to apply several layers of mascara then, make use of the lash comb to remove the clumps.

Blush on:

It is obvious that flushed cheeks always give a healthy glow. However, a harsh blush on application gives an unflattering and obvious look. If you want your blush on to give a natural look make use of a large makeup brush that blends beautifully and smoothly. Many of the makeup brands offer cost effective brushes and are easy to apply and carry. When using blush on avoiding too much at once. Moreover, apply blush on first on the apples of the cheeks and give a circular motion to the brush.

Clear foundation lines:

The obvious foundation lines around jaws makes you appear like you have a mask on your face. You can avoid this mistake by opting a right foundation color that matches your skin tone and gives a natural appeal. Moreover, blend the foundation thoroughly on your face especially along the jaw lines and below the chin. Using a foundation sponge or brush is an ideal choice because it blends the foundation aptly. In this way you will eliminate your harsh looks.

Looking beautiful and stylish is not associated with money and branded makeup products, by avoiding the above mention makeup mistakes you can look beautiful and gorgeous even with your ordinary makeup products.

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