Are Cosmetics the Secret Behind Looking Young and Beautiful?

Make-up is not the only element to beauty and although almost all girls want to appear strikingly gorgeous, this does not have to be done through applying loads of make-up. When it comes to young adults and teens, make-up is not really the best choice. Dig deeper for your self-assurance and high self-esteem and start living with a natural new look.

But are cosmetics the secret behind looking young and beautiful? Or is putting on lots of makeup a sign of low self-esteem and poor self-confidence? Certainly not, because there are people who wear makeup to hide spots or other skin imperfections; while others just like the idea of makeup especially for the fact that it is not permanent and you can get rid of it whenever you feel like it. Some people assume that men wants to see women or girls this way; perfect with fully-applied cosmetics, but again that is not what everyone thinks. However, there are girls or women who would never go on a date with a washed up, makeup-free face, claiming that this is the only way they can feel attractive.

You may have already noticed very young adults and teenagers with makeup.  But isn’t this the only age when you can go out with friends; makeup-free; while getting absolutely no negative comments on your looks? Aren’t summer time and holidays the best time when you should avoid all those oily layers of make-up for a fresh look that can help your complexion get the needed nutrition from the sun and oxygen?

People have started to question the freedom of women and whether they were really enjoying their freedom of choice. There are some claims that women’s looks are all either retouched or enhanced; such as hair, skin color, breast size, augmented lips, etc. and thus people assume that women are constantly held captive by their beauty needs and the consuming society of beauty products, which certainly makes use of the poor self-esteem that women nowadays suffer from.

The hidden message sent by those cosmetics suppliers are as simple as: Women are not beautiful enough; they should always use our products to look more and more attractive. Thing is, companies would never declare any of these things publicly. However, they mean that message in every single commercial action they take towards women.

Some believe that women do not have the right idea about men and what they really see in a woman. Men in general love the concept of hot and gorgeous ladies like those super models, celebrities and pop stars. However, to love the look of someone is something and to appreciate them is something else. Women with a celebrity look appear to be highly attractive and beautiful but too unreal to appreciate. They probably give the hidden impression that they are insecure; in bad need for men to look at them; and thus can be easily tricked by commercials. The first thing that pops in your mind when you are face to face with Barbie-doll women is lack of self-esteem. Men then believe that such women do not have enough self-confidence to believe in themselves without too much make-up and false enhancements and cosmetic products are not really the secret behind looking young and beautiful.

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