Understanding the Basics of Makeup

Good makeup requires a precise understanding of what makeup materials are, what their particular properties are, and which is the most suitable for what purpose. Therefore, this first article of the series will focus on makeup materials.

Blush: The blush is the most common and regularly used product in makeup. It is used to create a good and positive glow to the skin, and help remove the dullness or evenness of color due to the foundation or base, which gives an artificial look to the face.

Concealer: Again, a very commonly used product, concealers are used to hide any imperfections, spots and scars that are present on the face

Depending on the use applied, the names of concealer, blushes and foundations may change. The variations in shades according to different faces and color tones may help achieve different effects in the full makeup impact. For example, while the highlighting effect is used to bring attention to a particular face feature, the contour is used to remove attention from it. contour can also be used to give more depth and definition to a particular feature, and is a common step in eye make-up.

When there is need to create a nice shimmer to the face contours, a dewy foundation is applied. Mostly, it can contain factors such as shimmer to enhance the beauty of the feature.

Eyeliners are again a very common makeup accessory to bring out the shape and color of the eyes. The eye shadow can help bring out the color or shape of the eyes, or tone down the eyes to divert attention to other feature such as the face cut or the lips.

Foundation: Foundation is a liquid coloring material that helps even out the tone of the skin on the face and neck. It helps to even out the dark spots or imperfections to some extent, but works best in such cases when used with a concealer and face powder. The skin type primarily decides which one is the best type to use. For the most part, foundations are available in the matte, satin and dewy textures respectively.

Many new products are now present that help bring out the features of the face in a more dramatic or dreamy fashion, depending on the need or like. Some of these products include frosts and glosses, highlights, luminescence and sheers.

Powder: Face powders are used extensively for a variety of purposes. Depending on the type of skin, face powder is used with or without foundation and concealer. Again, powders now come in matte, shimmer, luminescent and glitter varieties.

The right selection of the product is critical to achieving makeup that is best for your particular skin.

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