Different Eye Makeup Techniques For Different Eyes

Eyes are known as the window of your soul, as eyes communicate very openly whatever is going in your mind and what you really feel in your heart. Eyes provides the individuality and energy to your face. There is no specific size or shape which is considered as pretty, every kind of eyes has their different look and beauty, so, different kinds of makeup techniques are used to enhance their beauty. When natural kind of makeup applies to the eyes it will bring out the real and exact color of your eyes and increase its natural beauty. If you like your makeup so, you will feel more confident and pretty. A perfect blend of eye shadows, eye liner and mascara together can give a magical appearance to your eyes.

The eye shadows are used to define and highlight the actual shape and color of eyes. With eye shadows one can create the depth of the eyes which brings out the real beauty of your eyes. On lid one can use a dark color that gives a smaller look to the eyes while lighter colors make your eyes to appear bigger. Eye shadow creates illusions, there are a few techniques for different kinds of eye shapes.

Eye Makeup Techniques For Different Eyes

Larger eyes: put dark eye shad color over eye lid and take it to crease of eyes. Make use of flat color below the eyebrows to highlight them.

Small eyes: on small eyes avoid the use of heavy liner and eye shadows, it will make your eyes more smaller. Make use of lighter color on eye lid and on crease use darker color and apply highlighter below the eyebrows.

Deep eyes: apply light shades on lid of the eyes and below eyebrow, medium color on the crease, with shadows enhance outer corner of your eyes.

Wide eyes: on inner corner apply the dark color on your eyes.

Hooded eyes: for such eyes use lighter colors on the lid and a darker color on the center of the eyelid to the outer corner and then blend them well.

Asian eyes: below eyebrows use highlighter, on inner side and on half lid use light color on the outer corner.

Round eyes: you can make your round eyes bigger by use of colors then extending these colors to the outer corner of the eyes.

Better selection of colors

  • Light colors make your eyes wider while dark colors make them a bit smaller.
  • Those having light skin color has to avoid darker colors.
  • While using shimmer be careful as it highlights the flaws of face like wrinkles and imperfection.
  • Pay special attention to the eye areas of the skin as they show the age.

Eye liner: eye liner is used to define the perfect shape of your eye. Eye liners are available in different colors but black is still in high demand. The most fashion lovers like to prefer colored eye liner matching to their dress. Similarly mascaras are of different colors one can apply multiple colors mascara on their eye lashes to look classical.

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