Different Types Of Skin Foundations And Its Usage

Skin foundations have been in use since our mommy’s days, when the choices were very limited and the foundations were mostly unmanageable creams or thick lotions. Basically, a makeup foundation is the cosmetic product that works like a coating or base that prepares the face for the application of cosmetic products. Its main purpose is to even out your skin and make it uniform and smooth by hiding the scars and blemishes. However, foundation alone is not enough in covering all the blemishes that is why it is often used in the amalgamation with a concealer to even out the skin for apt makeup application.

Makeup foundation beautifully covers the major portion of your face and it is applied over the entire neck and face to attain a uniform and even skin tone. Apart from making skin even it also adds an extra layer of shine to your skin thus, making you look healthy and young.

Markets are filled with a wide range of makeup foundations in different shades, tints, compositions and coverage. The makeup foundations lies in 3 basic categories i.e. cream foundation, liquid foundation and the powder foundation. The rest of the varieties are the derivatives of these three basic types.

1.      Liquid foundations:

These are the lightweight cosmetic product and is the most easiest among all to apply on the face that is why it is the most famous choice of the fashion lovers.  It beautifully blends on the skin and are available in a rainbow of shades either with water based or oil based formula to cater different skin types. It is available in bottles as a thick liquid and large number of companies are offering it.

For wrinkled dry skin:

Ladies with wrinkled and dry skin has to buy the oil based foundation. These oil based liquid bases are greasy and thick therefore, sits pretty well on your skin leaving your face supple and moist.

Oily skin:

Ladies with oily skin has to avoid the oil based formulas in liquid foundations instead they have to go for the water based or oil free liquid foundations. The water based foundations contain a good amount of silicone oil that is not only perfect for apt and easy application, but is known to add shine to your skin.

Combination or normal skin:

Ladies having combination or normal skin have to use the water based liquid foundations. As it gives a very lighter coverage as compared to the oil based solutions. Moreover, it blends well giving a smooth and even look to your complexion.

2.      Cream foundations:

These foundations usually have a rich amount of oil content and are thick & creamy in appearance. These are mainly available in compact, stick and in tube form also. Because of its thick texture it gives more moisture and has a heavier coverage as compared to other foundations. It is usually preferred for common skin  issues Iike scars and blemishes thus, leaves skin smooth and has a glossy touch. Cream foundations are used as a concealer and its compact form is mainly suggested for rosacea and acnes by the skin specialists.

This foundation is highly suited for ladies having dry or normal skin. Ladies having oily skin should not use this foundation ever. It is mainly used by the ladies having extremely dry skin. The creamy and thick foundation with its moisturizing properties gives maximum coverage to your skin and keep it hydrated. It adds shine to your face and that remains for long.

3.      Cake foundations:

Stick or cake foundations are in hard solid forms. These foundations dry promptly and gives a matt finish to your face. It can be used as an alternative for the concealers because of its ability to hide the blemishes and skin flaws effectively. Stick or cake foundation is best for the drama, stage and photo shoots and are quite heavy for the everyday use.

Women having normal and dry skin has to avoid these foundations because it may make your skin look blotchy and dry. It works marvelously for oily skins because it dries up quickly giving an equally tonned and uniform looks.

4.      Powder Foundation:

These foundations are available in both pressed and loose powder form. The powder foundations are immensely dry and has no moistures. It is mainly suitable for the ladies who are not a make up geek. It is easy to apply and is demanded because it gives a very natural look. Powder foundations are used to fix the make-up on the face.

Loose Powder foundations:

It is used to fix the makeup on your face and is used to give a final touch to your makeup. It has easy application, you just need to dip the brush in powder foundation tap it softly and apply on your face for an even coverage. It is mainly used by the ladies having oily skins.

Pressed powder foundations:

These foundations are present in a myriad of shades and are mainly available in compact form. It is usually applied with damp or dry sponge. It is mainly suggested for all skin types i.e. dry, normal and oily. However, oily skin is the most suited option for pressed powder foundation.

5.      Mineral foundations:

Apart from the above mentioned foundation mineral foundation is another cosmetic item that is in vogue these days. It is highly popular because of its manufacturing. These are manufactured from the natural products. Mineral foundations are present in loose powder form and can be applied both in dry and wet form. Its medicinal properties make it an ideal choice for ladies having sensitive skin.

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