Eyelashes Care Tips

Eyelashes remain one of the most desired beauty assets for both men and women. Women in particular are always interested in improving the appearance of their eyelashes. The essential role of eyelashes is to protect the eyes from external elements such as dust particles etc. Their cosmetic appeal however, overrides is biological needs.
Eyelashes can be maintained very easily with little care. Mostly, it is genetically determined of how long a person’s eyelashes will be. However, healthy eyelashes are a matter that is entirely different. Using good eyelash mascaras and basecoats are perhaps the best way to provide proper nutrition in these busy times. Look for top coats of eyelashes with vitamin E and A in them. They provide two benefits. First, they have the natural ingredients that are mostly applied when using other natural products such as egg, oil or protein packs etc. However, these serums in particular have higher quantities of these vitamins, which make even one application enough to provide the essential nutrition.
The second reason why eyelash serums are helpful is that these serums protect the eyelash from the mascara that is applied on them. In this way, the serum becomes the barrier to prevent any damaging mascara products from weakening the eyelashes. If your eyelashes are strong and long, the use of serum alone will enhance its shape and outline, and there will be lesser need to use mascaras.
Nowadays, the mascaras themselves are enriched with vitamins, which are a healthy addition, minimizing the serum step. Still, a good serum helps more than enriched mascara. Regular use of eyelash serum not only improves the health, but also the shape of the eyelash, and helps increase its life.
A good diet is essential to maintain the eyelashes, similar to maintaining good hair. Therefore, a high protein diet with milk and iron is essential for good hair growth. No serum can replace the texture and shine that is attained through healthy eating habit.
Also make sure that the eyelashes do not carry make up all the time. Upon reaching home, the eye makeup and mascara should be removed first. Usually there are good eye makeup removers in the market. A good brand is essential. However, since they may well be expensive and not fit in everyone’s budget a mild lotion may help too. Using a good lotion to remove eye makeup is better than using soap. If soap is still used, it is better to put on some good night cream on the eyes, and again a good serum on the eyelashes to counter the effects.
Eyelash curlers should also be used to a minimum. Most women use these to enhance the shape of their eyelashes. However, they can also damage them and make them fall earlier. Earlier falling cycles would mean smaller eyelashes. Therefore, it is better not to use such curlers unless absolutely needed. The current mascaras have shaped brushes that provide a very nice shape without damaging the eyelash significantly.
Make sure that the mascara is not used beyond its recommended time duration. Most of the cosmetics should not be used after six months, but for very sensitive skin, it is better to reduce this time by three months. This can be effectively carried out by buying smaller jars and products, so that they are consumed well before their time. Mascara is no exception to this, and therefore, should used within a maximum of six months.
Finally, for those who still wish to put on some good natural products, olive oil is the best material. It is light and soft, and provides the right nourishment to the eyelashes. You can dab it on when you are cooking in the kitchen, as the heat from the stoves will allow slow and smooth penetration of the oil. Even castor oil is recommended; however, since it is viscous or thick oil, it should be used sparingly. It may be hard to take off.
Good care of eyelashes can be carried out very simply through repeated and constant care. A good diet can help achieve results faster.

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