Few Guidelines for Getting Ready for a Party

By heart everyone wants to be perfect and look good on all occasions most specifically when it comes to partying. The main idea behind every party or hosting is to get together with all those people who you know, it is also a good time to make new and different friends. It is the time when every lady like to be unique and impress all the other people in the party with her dressing sense, style and looks and the technique you hold yourself. Perfect look will bring a great self confidence but a perfect look comes with dazzling ensemble and a perfect make up. Makeup plays very important role in enhancing your look while dressing up you must have the complete know how about the makeup either you are going for night party or day party you must have to know about the make up rules and limits. For example, you know how to apply heavy lip makeup or eye makeup when and how but one cannot apply both at the same time.

If you want to be spotted at the party then here are few best guides about the party makeup that will surely help you out and will make all the head turns.

Get ready:

First of all choose your dress, accessories and footwear for the great event in advance. After collecting all these accessories, you will get a better idea about the looks so, it will be easy to choose the make up accurately.

To have a fresh skin:

  • Wash the face with any of your beloved face wash.
  • For almost 5 to 10 minutes rub your face with ice, perform it in breaks.
  • Wipe cotton ball with cleansing milk and dab the face with this cotton ball.
  • Apply some moisturizer or lotion on your face that will give a good moist look to your face.

Apply base:

  • According to your complexion apply foundation on your face, either use foundation brush or sponge. On broader areas of the face apply darker shade.
  • Now, use shimmer powder all over the face with a brush, after foundation, it will give a shine to your skin.
  • Apply blush on your cheeks. Also apply to the chin and sides of the forehead.

Eye makeup:

  • First apply eye shade on the eyelids.
  • Define the shape of your eyes by eye liner apply shorter strokes.
  • After that apply 2 or 3 coats of mascara on eyelash tips.
  • At the end, highlight your eyebrows with an eye pencil.

Lips makeup:

  • Give a proper shape to your lips with a lip pencil.
  • Then, apply lip color but it will be a right choice to apply the lip color with a brush.
  • Once blot the lipstick with tissue paper then apply again the lip color so, it will last for longer time.
  • At the end, add a lip gloss coat on the lips.

Nail makeup:

  • First of all trims your nails and give them a proper shape.
  • Then, apply a colorless nail base coat.
  • Apply 2 nail polish coats with the time gap of 10 minutes between both the coats.
  • At the end add another coat of base nail color and dry it.
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