Foundation Basics of Makeup

Foundation is the most important part of the makeup kit. It can make or break your look. Therefore, more than anything, invest wisely and well in your foundation. It is a concealer and a smooth on all in one.  It can help even out the skin tone, hide imperfections and give a good base on which to build up makeup.
To select a really good foundation, first look at your own skin tone and depth. These elements help decide on a foundation that gives you a natural look, without making you feel you have put on a lot. The second most important consideration is your own skin type.
So why select a more expensive one? Mainly because it contains some of the best ingredients. Pigments in the foundations are the key players in making our skin look flawless. Good pigments not only blend in and incorporate in the skin, but also stay there longer. It is better to use less expensive color shades rather than foundation or face powder.
There are now many types of foundations available, and you can choose the best by considering the factors we discussed before.
The stick foundations are compacted concealer and crème in one product. It is recommended for women who have normal to dry skin, and those who may have uneven skin tone.
The liquid foundations are liked for their easy application. These foundations are available in different features, so that there are oil free, oil absorbing, translucent, or matte finishes.
The crème foundation is for dry to normal skin. This is easier to manipulate, and depending upon the need, the coverage can be increased or decreased appropriately. It does not solve very dark eye circle issue. It is not recommended for flakey skin, since this would give a dull and heavy look on the face.
Mousse foundations are more useful for women with mature skin, who may have started worrying about wrinkles. It is easy to apply with superior coverage, and sinks in the skin.
Tinted moisturizers are simply moisturizers with a little pigment. Mostly used for summers, this product is good when foundation application is not needed. It cannot however, give a very good coverage but can give a good smoothening effect.
Crème to powder is very helpful for oily skin people. The creamy texture has an added face powder component to it. So that when the foundation sets in, it dries, and no further face powder needs application.
Powder compacts are useful for the handy touchups to base application. These can be used with or without a wet sponge and its depth of coverage changes accordingly. However, these products are particularly helpful for creating a quick finished look, and is particularly helpful in preventing pimple formation.
Pigmented mineral powders provide medium to full coverage. It contains pigments that simply adhere to the skin.
It is always better to do some online search on the different types of foundations and the coverage they can give to the skin. Mostly these products also state which kind of skin will benefit the most. Proper selection can help create a beautiful finish without even the need for extra makeup products.

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