Guide To Choose Best Foundation For Your Skin Type

Selecting a right foundation for every kind of skin is one of the daunting task. It is very important to know about your skin before buying a foundation. As the complete look of your makeup depends on the perfect selection of foundation.

Here are a few guides that will help you in selecting the right foundation to match your skin.

Guide to Choose Foundation:

Before selecting any formula you have to judge your own skin type if you have an oily skin then always look for the product with words like “oil control”, “mattifying”  or “oil free” these are the products which are specially designed for oily skin. If you have dry skin then choose products with “moisture-rich” or “hydrating”. Products for the normal skin are available in a wide range as a cream to powder foundations work best for the normal skins. While mineral foundations work best for all types of skin most importantly for sensitive skin.

In case you have good and perfect skin but you need a medium or light coverage just to cover some ruddy areas. Those women having an uneven skin tone and blemish for such skin consider medium coverage base, some women feels mineral foundation is good, so if you have the same goal then must try it out.

One can also wear makeup without putting foundation on your face like wearing lipsticks or mascara by just applying moisturizer on your face, this will also give you fresh look but one can get the complete neatness to your skin.

Always select the foundation color that is closely related to your skin tone, go for a yellow shade foundation that will give you a natural look and if you have fair complexion go for pinker tone that will look cool on your face.

While selecting a foundation weather is one of the most important factors that you have to consider. If you are from a hotter climate then choosing those foundations which are sweat proof having a high SPF that protects you from UV rays of the sun. Sheer foundation is also good for warm weather and can be used in the daytime. For different climates there are different foundations like liquid, powder, sheer foundation, compact foundation. It will keep your natural skin tone and make your skin to shine and gives you non sticky feelings. At winter liquid foundation works best.

Those women who like their foundation to stay for a long time they have to use liquid foundation. A light application of foundation on your skin works best if you have no problem with your skin. While the powder foundation is good for all those who do not like to spend much time on makeup. Whatever kind of foundation you want to use most important is it must suit your skin type.

For night times mate foundations work best for every type of skin. If your skin is sensitive always goes to those foundations which are oil free and have no fragrance. A woman having acne on her skin clarifying foundation is the best option.

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