How to Overcome Goose Pimples

Goose pimples or goose bumps became so named due to the appearance of chicken after they are plucked. Goose bumps are in actuality a response of nature that has been handed down to us via evolution. In typical mammals, any challenging or stressful situation causes the erection or tightening of the muscles of the skin that surround the hair. These contracted muscles make the hair “stand up”. In case of animals, it presents itself as a larger size of the animal, thereby frightening the opponent. Another reason for goose bumps is heat regulation. Birds usually fluff up their feathers during cold to retain heat in their feathers. The same concept applies to mammals and humans. In order to retain heat, mammals with fur and humans (without fur) have goose bumps.
In modern day however, a goose bump is hardly a likeable sight. The problem however is not why these goose bumps take place, but how to get rid of them. There are many solutions offered such as creating oatmeal masks and bathing in warm water. But what to do in a situation when someone is out and about or attending an evening party in the middle of December?
The simplest solution is a rub or massage of the affected area. Treat the goose bump the same way when you feel cold. When we rub our hands and feet, it increases the circulation of blood, and this in turn reduces the feeling of coldness. This method helps in reducing goose bumps. In other cases, such as stage anxiety, there is need for more psychological approaches. For example, repeating to yourself that you can perform etc. can help overcome the goose bumps. It is important to remember that goose bumps are just as a physical phenomenon as it is a psychological one. Therefore, identify the key reason for the goose bumps and treat accordingly. If cold, then wear something warm or move to a warmer place. At other times start mild exercise such as brisk walking. When psychologically tense, use calm phrases and think of calm thoughts to control the anxiety. Both these methods will help overcome goose bumps, without need for extra recipes or warm baths.

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