How to Select the Right Shade of Concealer and Base Makeup?

Do you have blemishes, acne scars, freckles or double tone skin and you wish to conceal that area? Have you tried to hide it behind a thick layer of powder or foundation? It must have left a cakey finish on your face. What you need is a good branded concealer to blend with your base under your makeup. A good concealer to can hide away those blemishes and darker tones of your face easily but you got to choose a concealer and base makeup very carefully.

Choosing the perfect color for your concealer and base makeup is very important. If it is lighter that your color or darker, it can break your looks and impression. You got to find some shade closest to your natural skin tone and apply it well with the help of clean fingertips or an applicator. It can be a daunting task for some ladies but if you know what to buy, which color to select and what type of concealer and base would compliment your looks and appearance it would become a piece of cake.

Concealer can help you conceal those dark circles under your eyes. You may have puffy eyes and reddish tone due to work till late hours and less sleep. You should use a concealer to hide such imperfections of your skin. When you select concealer, you should take care of the color and the consistency. You can use top branded concealer formulated especially for a certain type of skin such as yellow toned concealer used as a base to hide away those dark circles under your eyes. An orange based concealer would help a dark skin person to look her best with beautiful even skin tone. The consistency of a concealer can be checked on the inside of your wrist on the blue veins under your skin. The color of the concealer should be checked by applying the tester directly on the affected area. A helpful tip is to select nor too light neither dark for your complexion instead try to pick a color two tones lighter than your skin. Keep the color of base foundation as close to your original skin tone as possible. Hide the imperfections with concealer and do not use foundation to do this job for you. It shall end up in a chalky appearance.

Buy your beauty products from reputable venders and stores. Always prefer buying cosmetics from a store where they have testers available for their customers. The only best rule for buying any sort of cosmetic products is try it first. Do not buy because you loved the packing or the wording on the packaging. Open the jar, tube or stick and test it before you make your final decision. It is a good idea to take along a friend with you. The other person can give a better opinion about which colors suit your complexion the most. If you are lucky you may find a helpful salesperson. An expert salesperson can definitely guide you with his or her experience. You can also visit a salon and ask the makeup artist for some tips. Usually people love to suggest and give free tips. Unless they charge you can find hundreds of guidelines on buying concealer and base products on the internet and in the fashion magazines.

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