Managing Oily Skin

Managing oily skin can be a very tricky business, especially for those whose skin is acne prone. There are however, many reasons accounted for the oily skin and how to manage them. The first thing to do is to find out what aggravates the oily skin in your particular case. Causes of oily skin are many and not each fits into every person. Usually, in order to remove confusion, it is better to visit a dermatologist for a consultation. Diet, atmosphere, sun exposure, hormone, age, pregnancy and puberty, indigestion and gastrointestinal problems, stress, change of environment, and heredity all can play are role. Not every one is sensitive to each factor, therefore, identifying which is the one in your particular case is very important. There are however, certain changes that everyone can carry out in their lifestyles that may help oily skins.

The use of husk in the mornings or fibre diets can do wonders for the body. Many believe that any problems in the digestive system can lead to problems on the skin. Therefore, cleansing the body by using one or two tablespoons of husk in water early morning on an empty stomach can do wonders. It may not show its effects immediately, but with regular use and by reducing the refined sugars, the skin may feel less oily and less prone to breakouts.

Having a good cleanser along with an astringent is also a good method. However, as always, it is not advisable to go with public advertisements or advices of other people. What may work for them may not work for you. Therefore, a good consult with a dermatologist will help in identifying what products will best suit your case. In such consult, chances are there are less failed experiments on the skin and better results in shorter times.

Keeping a very light moisturiser after washing is very essential, and this can be topped by using baby powder on the face to absord away excess. Always remember to use least amount of makeup on the skin, or if you do so, wash it off and clean it with a good astringent afterwards. Massaging the face with ice for 15 minutes before applying makeup is an excellent method to reduce the size of the pores and reduce clogging of the pores, and allowing the make up to stay fresh for longer.
Fruits and vegetables help clear and detoxify the systems of the body. While it may not be the reason of your particular oily skin, it does reduce factors that may aggravate the oily skin.
Again, a dermatologist is usually able to identify the primary cause of oily skin in every person’s case, which if avoided can help improve it. using simple techniques such as drinking lots of water work longer and better than using topical therapies.

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