Reasons for Women to Use Water Base Foundation in Hot Weather

Every woman loves to wear and there is no doubt about it. It is her natural desire to look beautiful and heads turning for her make her feel good about herself. Makeup is considered incomplete without the application of foundation. But do you know what do the foundations do? The purpose of using a foundation is to minimize the imperfections and dark spots on the facial skin. The goal is to make the skin radiant and luminous and spot less. Foundation should help coloring the skin evenly so that scars, light and dark-colored areas get disappeared greatly, showing up an even skin tone. All these given intentions are fulfilled only when a foundation applied on the skin suits it and is applied in the right manner. In winters the application of foundation is not a tough job but for summers it really is. Many of the ladies complain about this problem because they fail to maintain their foundation for long. Talking about working women they complain their foundation starts to wear off within two to three hours of the application and they look tan or even darker. So they or others who need to wear makeup in the hot summer days need to find out the best foundation for the summers.

What are the Different Types of Foundation:

Foundation is available in different types. Some of its types are emulsion, cream, cake, powder, liquid, waterproof and spray. Emulsion foundation covers blemishes, dark spots, gives less sheen, and suits almost all types of skin. Cake foundation covers scars and blemishes, produces a matte effect and is drying in action. Because of the last property, it is suitable for oily skin. And particularly for the summers it is thought to be the best for the lasting effect. Powder foundation controls greasiness and helps blotting oil from the skin and thus it is also suitable for oily skin. Cream foundation covers the skin heavily and gives it a glossy finish. It has moisturizing property, and thus is appropriate for dry skin. Liquid foundation makeup is available in water based as well as oil based formulas. The former suits oily skin while the latter suits dry skin. It covers the skin evenly with a light shine and is considered to be the best for covering blemishes and scars. Waterproof foundation lasts longer and is suitable to be used in summer when both humidity and temperature are high. Water base foundation is thought to be the best for summers as compared to liquid foundation; pancakes are always the best and most suitable choice for the summer days. The best thing these pancakes include is that not only they are available in a large variety of shade and any skin tone can find out the suitable and complementing foundation shades for them.

Makeup for summers should be minimal. The summer sun and rising temperature are enough to mess your makeup. So, choosing smart cosmetics are the key factor here. Most of the skincare products have chemicals, synthetic additives and animal fat which are harmful for you. One important thing with regards to the use of summer make-up if you are on a diet, try using fat free makeup products.

  • Water based make-ups are perfect for summers.
  • Avoid foundation but if you have to use it, apply a very small amount of water based foundation.
  • Use natural loose powder.

By keeping these tips in mind you can find out the best foundation for you in the summers and can have a long lasting effect with perfect looks and coverage.

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