Tips To Remove Eye Makeup In A Soft And Gentle Way

Makeup is the most important accessory of every girl. Even it is an interesting activity for girls. Doing makeup  is a thought provoking activity but removing them is one of the exhausting things that mostly bored girls do, mostly girls skip it and go to bed without removing it which is the biggest mistake that most of the girls made. But they don’t know that sleeping with makeup is the worst thing and can cause a great harm to your skin. Here, I am going to disclose some very beneficial and helpful tips that will help you in removing eye makeup.

Remove gently:

While you are pulling and tugging your lashes it will only fall out and cause breakage of the lashes. You have to gently and slowly remove your lashes, very softly and easily your lashes will be removed.

Use hot towel:

While removing mascara make use of hot towel it will soft the stiff mascara a bit and also facilitate the removal of lashes. Dip towel or cotton in hot water and for few seconds apply it on your eyelashes, it will also soft the mascara and eye lashes from your eyes.

Use of coconut oil:

Coconut oil is also good in removing your makeup. Coconut oil is available very easily and from any local store. Use coconut oil on your whole body, coconut oil is best for hair, skin and also for lips. Add some coconut oil on a cotton ball and slowly use that cotton ball on your eyes to remove eyeliner and mascara but be careful don’t, get the oil in the eyes.


Vaseline is very good for skin mostly in winter when your skin gets dry which is one of the common problem with everyone. Mostly those having dry skin. Take Vaseline on cotton ball that will help you in removing mascara and eye liner from your eyes. But while removing makeup from your eyes be careful to not get those things into your eyes it may cause any damage or infection to the eyes.

Do not wash your face:

If you want to remove eye makeup do not remove it by washing your face with soap or any face wash. First try to remove the mascara with any lotion or cream and any of the methods mentioned above. You can also use cleanser for removing your makeup and mascara then wash your face with water and face wash.

Olive oil:

Olive oil is a rich source of many essential nutrients and minerals, but most importantly it is a rich source of vitamin E which is very good for the area around your eyes. Almond oil mixed with Olive oil, both are rich sources of all the important vitamins and nutrients and are good for eyes. So, one can also use them for gentle removal of eye makeup. Those people having dark circles and thin lines under eyes have to massage the area under their eyes with olive oil.

Makeup remover:

The various makeup removers are available in the market one can also use them for removing eye makeup.

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