Top Makeup Trends for Women in Summers

Are you planning to go out on a lunch or you have a plan to go on a shopping with some of your close mates? Well, no matter for what you are going out you definitely have to wear makeup if not much but still you would like to put a bit of a lip gloss or some mascara or an eye liner. But do you know what the latest makeup trends are? Well, summers are really happening and they do incorporate so many colors in dresses and in makeup as well.

In this short write up, some of the basic makeup tips and trends are shared with you aimed for those who love to know about the latest makeup trends for the summer days coming their way.


The basic thing in makeup is foundation and one needs to apply foundation properly. In winters you can make it a bit louder but for summers the more you make it simpler and natural the more it will be pleasing for you and the ones you see you. So always choose the right shade of foundation. May it be a liquid foundation or if it is a cake, the right shade and right method of application will help you achieve a natural look.


Lipstick shades are available in a wide selection. But one should choose one for her on the basis of weather. On a summer day with sun on the top of your head, if you find someone in a market with blood red shade, how would you feel? Of course it won’t please you at all. So summer calls for softer and light shades. Going for peach, light pink, bronze or some more natural shades are always are a great choice. Especially in the day time you need to be a bit more natural and for that shades like red, purple or magenta are obviously a bad choice.

Blush on:

You can always brush up your cheeks with shimmery shades of blush on. They look really cool and of course give a very good look to you as well. For night times, you can use blush on shades like brown or pink to give you face an added look. It surely gives you fresh look if you apply blush on with shimmer to look amazingly cool.

Eye Shadow:

When getting ready for a formal gathering in summer days, these days light but shimmery shades are in vogue. You need to be more in a natural tone to make you look good and natural. You need not to overdo with bright or darker shades so it is better to choose for light shades and make your eyes look great.

Eye Liner:

Eye liner is obviously an important part of eye makeup. Those who love liner they can apply thinker liners on their eyes but for summers it is always advisable to go for thinner liners. But ladies with bigger eyes can definitely play with the liner if they are good at it.

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