When Do Beauty Products Really Expire? – Shelf Life of Your Cosmetics

Everything you buy to eat or put on your face and body has a shelf life. Do not think that expensive brands would last a life time. They may stand longer than others may but sooner or later these products shall expire like others. Some products have longer life span while others have short-lived shelf life. You should know some guidelines to buy products, their storage and how to make them last longer.
Your cosmetics including lipsticks, foundations, nail enamel and lotions should be stored in cool dry and dark places. This will prevent the ingredients from changing their properties. Your lotion and creams can go bad if they had to bear excessive exposure to sun, heat, dust and so on. You can store your cosmetics in refrigerator for their longer life and you can keep bacteria away from your makeup products. Bacteria can produce allergies and skin diseases. You may end up developing rash or irritation on your face, arms, legs or body. If you have natural or herbal cosmetics, lotions, creams and gels, keep them in airtight containers or bags. Refrigerate or keep them in cool dry place. Many herbal products do not contain chemicals or preservative so they usually have less shelf life than other chemical based products.
Throw away your cream, lotion or exfoliation masks and scrubs if there are signs of fungus and mold. If your lipstick starts producing weird odor, discard its use. Do not use it and replace it with fresh colors for your lips. You can discard your eye makeup, lotions and eyeshades, etc. after a year. Replace with fresh products to avoid any kind of allergies and irritation developed in your eyes. It can harm your eyesight.
Many people are in habit of keeping their cosmetics in bathroom. Keep in mind moisture is harmful for your makeup products. Do not put your creams or other beauty products near the water source or in the cabinet on the wall of bathroom as it may help in getting moisture in to the jars and tubs. It also decreases the shelf life of a product. Another habit people have is to buy everything in bulk. Try to buy small sizes or medium jars and tubs of your creams, hand lotions, shampoos and conditioners. You can expect your shampoo and conditioner products to last around two to three years. Your hand and body lotions and creams can last around one to two years. When you see the cream separating, discard it and stop using it. It has lived its shelf life and now you need fresh products.
Protection of your skin is a must in the hot weather from sun and harmful UV rays. If you have invested in sunscreen lotions and sun block creams, you should know these products lose their potency in a year. You should not use any product that has been expired and keep your cosmetic away from heat, moisture and air for an extended life span. Prevention is better than cure so do not take risk on your health by using useless and expired products.

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