When Do Makeup Products Expire?

Women, no matter they are in their teen age, middle age or more, they always have many beauty products on their dressing tables, in their dressing room and even in their handbag. However, how many of them know when do these products expire? For how long should they use them and when should they throw them away?

Many women do not care about their expiry dates and keep on using their favorite cosmetics. However, expired beauty products are prone to health and skin care risks. Many of the skincare products and cosmetics do not show their best before date and thus majority of women hardly care if these items past their prime or not. Following are some indications through which you can judge if your skincare products have past their use by date or not yet.

Dried Out:

When your mascara is dry, it clearly shows that it has passed its use by date. Using such, Mascara can cause irritation or can even become a reason for infection in your eyes. When your mascara slides out of the tube and it looks shiny and glossy then it is all fine to use it.


In case, your lip products like lipsticks, lip-gloss and shiners, blush on and creamy eye shadows are dry or cracked, they will not give you the desired results. For lip-gloss etc, you can mix petroleum jelly to revive them but do not expect to have same results with cream eyeshades. This can deposit bacteria in your eyes.


When your make up and skin care products have spot on them that means bin the products right away. Using such products can end up with a wicked blemish or even worse. Some people, even add water to make these products last longer. It dilutes the preservatives and can create bacteria to breed.

Product Separates:

If you see your dandruff shampoo or sunscreen lotion have separated or have separate layers, that probably means it is no longer good to use it. Once the product have separate layers it means it has lost its efficiency and using it can expose you to risks such as sunburn or hair fall etc.

Change In Texture:

Throw away any cream that is too thick or thin or have grainy texture.

Change In Color:

Sometimes makeup products show change in color since their pigments are sensitive to light and moisture so there can be slight changes in their color. This is not necessary that they have anything wrong. However, if there are some dramatic changes in color then there is no need to use them.

Change in Smell:

If your skincare products smell odd, stop using them.

Change in look:

You must have noticed that the new foundation whether it is water based or liquid it gives you a glowing and dewy look. After using for a few months, you notice that it does not work well and that is when you should stop using it and get a new one.

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