Women and Makeup

Make-up artist making eye visage to beautiful woman

Women, in general, have a strong affinity for makeup. They simply cannot live without it. Women are the ultimate epitome of beauty and the only way to enhance their beauty is to wear nice makeup and flaunt their beautiful faces. However, if you do not now the basics of makeup, you could end up in deep soup.

In fact, some women believe that the only thing that they love to store in their arsenal is their make up kit. But then why do women need to wear makeup when they have been blessed with everything? Well, they feel the need to make themselves appear more alluring in social gatherings and also sometimes to hide their flaws, if any. Women already have excellent features; makeup only adds more glamour and perfection to the features.

Today, make up and professional makeup kits have become an integral part of every woman, in fact, it is every woman needs. It is customary to have a make up kit and keep enhancing the appearance as and when required. Makeup is equally popular amongst women of all cultures and race. Although there are differences, but all in all, it is makeup that remains a woman’s basic necessity.

Different makeup companies have evolved in the recent ties catering to the needs of thousands of women obsessed with beauty products. However, before buying your own makeup kit, you ought to learn about the basics of makeup, in terms of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. These are the 3 basic steps of makeup that every woman must follow. Also, there are certain rules of wearing makeup. Not all types of makeup can be worn during the day time. The difference between day time makeup and that of makeup done at night should be clearly understood.

The very first step to be taken while doing a makeup is to concentrate on the skin tone of the subject. It is very important to wear such a makeup that resembles your skin tone and does not make you appear like an alien. Your skin tone might not be the best one for purple; rather it would look good when blue is used. These things can only be judged by an ace makeup artist.

The base makeup is extremely important and needs to be done with good care. Your base makeup is done using a foundation, and the foundation should match your skin color. One shade darker or lighter foundation can actually spoil your look. Also, you should choose a foundation that suits your skin type. If you apply foundation powder to an oily skin, you would end up looking messy. Instead, choose an oil-free foundation to enhance the glow of your skin.

After the skin, it is your eyes that should be carefully done. Eye makeup can be done as you wish. If you are out in the morning for a brunch party, you could go for the nude-eye look with bare minimum makeup. May be just a line of kajal and that’s it. You could use mascara for enhanced lashes. At night, you can try the dark lips and dark eyes look for a stylish effect.

No matter what your makeup is like, don’t forget to remove it properly once you are back home. Remove makeup thoroughly and wash off your face with a good face wash. Rinse and tone the skin. Lastly, apply moisturizer before going to bed.

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