A Woman’s Dressing in Pakistan

Pakistan is amongst the few countries in the world where women’s dressing is very diverse and beautiful. The dresses worn by the Pakistani women are a true reflection of their culture and traditions.
It is not one but a whole range of dresses which brings out the true beauty of the Pakistani woman. The best loved and the most beautiful is the shalwar kameez. It is simple yet elegant. It is the beauty of the dress that you can have both a simple and a stylish shalwar kameez designed and it will look beautiful in all its forms. The shalwar is a pajama like a trouser and the kameez is like a long shirt. You can have different designs embroidered on the kameez to give it a stylish look. Normally the stylish look goes with the parties, weddings and other functions. For normal house wear and work, simple shalwar kameez is used. These do not have any embroidery over them but are still beautiful in design. Different types of cloth are used to make the shalwar kameez for example silk, lawn etc.
Kurti is also a very stylish and casual shirt which is worn by women normally in the urban areas of Pakistan. Women like to wear it with shalwar but the best loved combination is with a jeans. These are long shirts and are available extensively in the Pakistani markets to cater for the needs of the more stylish women.
Coming out of traditional and casual stuff, there are a lot of dresses which are worn by the women for ceremonies. These are following:-

  1. Gharara
  2. Sharara
  3. Mermaid cut lehenga
  4. Lehenga choli
  5. Saree
  6. Pajama with angrakha
  7. Churidar pajama with angrakha

The best thing about these dresses is that they are a little more stylish and heavily loaded as far as embroidery and attachments are concerned, but people of all classes can have them designed and they can be custom made to suit everyone’s budget. It is ensured that while having the dress designed both style and traditional look should have their equal share. These dresses are heavily decorated with items such as the beads, threads, silver thread and in some cases gold threads. The dresses are multi colored but the colors loved the most are red, black, green and blue.
Pakistan is a place where women like any other country like to custom design their clothes. More diverse clothing options give them more range as compared to women in the western countries.

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