Bridal Sari

A wedding is the most awaited time in every girl’s life. Hours and hours of day dreaming and night dreaming is done by them thinking about all sorts of details about her wedding. The bridal sari is one of those most important things for which the girl thinks, dreams, plans and then shops like crazy. Finding the right bridal sari is every would-be bride’s ultimate dream.

The bridal sari can make the bride look out of the world and make all the heads turn of all the spectators. A bridal sari can make all the others girls go green with envy and can stun the bride groom completely.

Bridal saris in Pakistan are mostly bright colored. This bright color gives out a sense of happiness and joy. The most preferred colors being green, red, maroon, magenta, pink, dark blue, orange and gold. The choice of the color depends on the bride. Brides can go for something dark like violet, to something universal like gold.

The work on the sari also depends on many factors. The first factor that is kept in mind is the budget. If money is not an issue the next point which is considered are the height and weight of the bride and the weight of the bridal sari.

Heavy bridal sari will have a lot of zari work and embroidery. Embroidery can be handmade embroidery or even ready made embroidery. A lot of stones can be stuck on the saris to make them brighter and give them that shiny look. The embroidery can be done heavily on the pallu and a little lesser on the insides. Bridal saris are generally heavy and so you will find most of the saris have embroidery all over the sari.

The latest generation saris are different in many ways. You can opt for a regular bridal sari or you can go for a longer saree to give you that flowy look. Saris are now available in 6 meters, 61/2 meters and even 9 yards.

The material for the bridal sari also depends on the individual’s choice. You can go for the ever in style silk saris with a nice heavy borders. These saris have borders which are made from real gold threads too. If you feel that silk is too heavy or can’t be worn as the climate is not favorable you can go for chiffons, georgettes etc.

Zardosi work or mirror work the type of work can be decided by the bride. You need not buy readymade saris only. There are many designers, boutiques, showrooms and sari websites where you can get custom made bridal saris made. The selection process for all this is done in a very systematic way.
First you must decide the type of material that you want. Then you have to finalize the color and when that is done you have to pick the design that you want to be embroidered on the sari. Pick a design which will suit your face and body structure. Ensure that you also stress the colors to be used for the embroidery. You can get similar embroidery done on your blouse too.

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