Build Your Sari OR Saree Collection

Are you always flipping through fashion magazines and lusting after the beautiful sarees? Do you wonder how the film stars manage to look so stunning in their traditional sarees while you look like a dowdy aunty ji in yours? The trick is in knowing what kind of saree to wear, how to accessorize it, what colors you should have and in a nutshell, how to start and build your saree collection! You don’t have to spend hundreds of on a Sabyasachi or Tarun Tahiliani designer piece; you can do it inside any budget! Here’s how!
Have a health mix of designer and non-designer sarees. You can shop for designer sarees when you’re looking for something truly unique or instantly recognizable or ultra glamorous, but remember, non-designer wear can be really pretty and stylish too! Learn about all the good shops in your city and find out when they go on sale. You can even learn of markets that specialize in selling sarees! You’re very likely to find designer imitation sarees for a fraction of the price here!
And what’s more is, you can even customize sarees these days! For instance, in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, India you can buy different fabrics and borders and embellishments from different shops and have your tailor put them together! Be creative, find inspiration from magazines and shows and designers and even little things in daily life such as flowers or your favorite cushion fabric!
Don’t get stuck in a rut. Just because you always wear silk sarees or your mom always wore silk sarees, does not mean you will not include any other material in your collection. The same holds true for patterns and styles. If you like Benarasi silk sarees, that’s wonderful, but go ahead and try some Bandhej prints too! Step out of your comfort zone and be ready to experiment. A collection is only good if it’s got variety!
Play with colors! There is no denying the importance of classic colored sarees in shades of black, white, gold and red in any collection. However, don’t get limited to these shades. Sure, they’re glamorous and they look good on everyone, but there are hundreds and thousands of other colors just waiting to be discovered! Add a dash of turquoise to your saree wardrobe and introduce a hint of lime and fuchsia! Remember, if you want to turn heads, you are going to have to move away from what is popular and thus, common!

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