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Many women pretend that they have the knowhow about style, clothing and fashion but, the truth is many women fall victim of severe fashion blunders and become the center point to plundering eyes of the teasing women around.  The truth is a woman has to be more open to ideas and suggestions regarding dressing and fashion. Ideas and discussions help in selecting the right dress and protect you from following the fashion trends blindly and making mistakes that ruins your look and personality.

Trendy styles Vs Timeless

Every woman loves to dress up with latest style fad. No doubt, wearing the latest “in” thing gives a fresh, relevant and exciting feel but, timeless style must not be neglected at any case. These are named as timeless because they are evergreen and can be utilized anytime irrespective of the trend and style. Wearing attires with delicate, simple yet sophisticated lines work wonders even if you are not the attention grabber. You have to remember that not all the styles are made for you because it often happens that a shirt or style that look good on your friend may not look appealing with your personality.

Sometimes, making use of the little black dress (LBD) can make you look like an aficionado anywhere. Timeless black looks very versatile due to its neutrality. You can use pure black or can add some color as well. Some women often mix it with contrasting attires and become an easy choice for women of all ages. When you have nothing in your wardrobe then LBD is your right choice because it can be worn in a variety of styles and design. Never ever follow the latest trends and become the victim of prying eyes.

Perfect fit and right color:

Experimenting different color always end up with something attractive and stylish. Sometimes, using vibrant colors enhances your skin. Try to experiment with various bright colors like pink, violet and blue tones. Women usually love to wear black color because it covers their extra fats and give a fine toned figure. You have to buy clothes that look good on you and are perfectly fit according to your body structure.

Dress up carefully:

Dressing according to the occasion is another tip that the majority of the woman ignores. Doesn’t matter how beautiful or complete you may look but, if you don’t have the dress according to the event or you have ignored the formal dress code then, all your preparation is just worthless. Moreover, be careful about the tiniest details of your dress, accessories, shoes, hairdo and makeup to get a perfect touch. If you are matching your attire with a handbag or clutches remember, it should be in perfect combination otherwise, it will ruin your looks within no seconds. Pay a very close attention to minute details because a little wrong move or addition becomes unbearable. Master the art of timeless clothes and accessories to add more variety into your wardrobe and to look trendy and stylish everywhere.

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