Fashion And Stylish Dressing Tips For Short Heighted Women

All those women who are short heighted must want to elongate their body with the clothing style by minimizing the volume. This is one of the common tips For all the women with short height. For covering your body faults there are just few at tips that one can easily follow.

Dressing Tips for Short Women: 

  • To look tall one of the common mistake that every small height women usually made is the selection of right dress and its cutting that a body usually use like the use of belts and jackets in the wrong proportions. Like wearing belt designed shirts or two different colors of top and bottom portion of the shirts cut the body in two halves and draw the attention toward the shortness of the body. So, short height women must have to be conscious in the selection of such styles and designs.
  • Such women must have to avoid the use of additional fabric over the waist area, as you already have good volume in that area and putting some more will make you look shorter.
  • One of the other common mistake made by short height women is they think wearing long skirts give a longer look to the legs. But the actual fact is baggy skirts, pants or Salwar make your legs look shorter. If you are wearing skirts then long skirts that go down to the ankle makes you look taller. Straight pants and trousers are also good choices.
  • Wearing long straight pants or trousers is a wise trick to make your legs longer, this trick will surely add a few inches into the legs.
  • Color mixing is also a good idea for short women but color mixing should be in proper way not that divide the body into two halves. Otherwise better mixing will give you slimmer and taller look.
  • Petite women need to avoid the use of thick fabric as thick materials put extra weight on the body.
  • Using the vertical line patterned fabric also gives an elongated look to your body. But remember not exaggerate the fabric design that you look like a zebra. While selecting either choose a trouser with vertical lines or shirt or the scarf (duppata) and a plain shirt will compensate the look. One or two lines are more than enough for creating the illusion. Also do not use a mix of two fabrics with multiple lines.
  • In case you have some additional fats on your body then try to hide them. Like wearing loose clothes will not hide the extra fats. In fact it will make you look baggy and will not have any shape.
  • Apart from these tips short height women also have to be careful while selecting the style and designs of the dress like some figures are for extra long shirts and some are for normal length. So, do not try to wear every new design. Must first have a look at the design whether it will suit your figure, height and personality then adopt it. One of the most common mistake that is made by both tall and short height women they try everything which make them ugly.

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