How to Select a Dress for Your Body Type

Regardless of your body type, there is a style of dress that will flatter you and draw the right kind of attention when you enter a room.   A perfect dress will camouflage your figure flaws while accentuating your best features.  The key is in knowing what type of body you have, and how to select a dress for your body type.  There are very simple guidelines for fit, fabric, and color, depending on type.

  1. Triangle Shape/Pear Shape.  This shape is characterized by full hips and thighs.  The shape is heavier on the bottom than on the top.  It is also known as pear-shaped.  Women with a triangle shape should avoid shapeless, oversize clothes.  Rather than hiding flaws, bulky clothes make the triangle shape woman appear dumpy.  V-necks and plunging necklines are good choices, as well as bold jewelry or embellishments.  Skirts look best in an A-line or semi-flowy shape which skims curves.  Avoid looking like a ballerina by avoiding skirts with too much fullness.
  2. Circle Shape/Apple Shape.  This shape tends to be round through the midsection, with thin legs and arms.  The best looks for this shape include dresses that re-define the waist and give definition.  Empire or drop waists are good examples.  Fabrics that are too clingy through the midsection should be avoided, but can be used for sleeves.  Thick belts should be avoided, if a belt is used, consider a low-slung chain belt or a sash.
  3. Rectangle Shape/Straight.  This boyish shape also benefits from defining the waist.  A thick belt is flattering to this shape.  The rectangle shaped woman is flattered by layers and bulkier knits and sweater dresses.  She should avoid styles that are too tight all over or that are bulky and overwhelm the figure.  A cardigan or fitted jacket works well as long as it is the correct size and does not overwhelm.
  4. Hourglass Shape/Curvy.  Women with hourglass shapes should avoid shapeless, boxy clothes.  They do little to flatter or hide curves.  Wrap styles are very flattering to the curvy girl, as are any styles and fabrics that hug the curves suck as jersey, cotton or nylon.  Clingy fabrics should be avoided.  Women with big busts should consider halter or V-neck styles.

For all shapes, you should make the investment in quality undergarments that will help your clothes hang correctly.  Using these simple tips to learn how to select a dress for your body type is the best way to ensure your clothes help you always look your best.

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