How To Transform Your Closet?

If you have ever opened your closet and yelled in anger and frustration since you have nothing to wear, you are not the only one. Most of the women wear just about 20 to 25 percent of their clothes majority of times. That is simply crazy.

According to many experts, it is significant to learn the importance of dressing for your body shape. Many women admit that they did not really know what suited them until they were in their late 30’s. The more women know about their body shape, the more they can have wearable dresses in their wardrobe. It will not only help them save money but they can always have something to wear. By doing so you can avoid facing a scenario where you are always coming across the same blue dress you bought because blue is your favorite color but it does not fit you properly so you never wear it.

The first thing you can do is to check out your wardrobe and yourself. Every woman can tell what she likes about herself. Some like their face while others admire their beautiful hands and some like their ankles etc. There have to be something you really like about yourself. Write it down on a paper. I like my hands or legs etc. Then, look out what you hate about yourself. Women can tell what they do not like about themselves.

Now it’s time to get cruel with your wardrobe. Take all those dresses you hardly wear out of your wardrobe. If they conceal the parts you admire about yourself, then you must not keep them in anymore. Then check out those clothes you love you wear usually. If they cover the parts you hat in you, you can put them back. However, if they hide the good parts in you as well, they need to go too.

Now take out all the clothes you hardly wear since you are a bit scared about wearing them. Check out if they conceal the bad parts in you ad reveal the good ones. If this is so, you need to wear these clothes since they will make you feel good about it. The question now comes, what to do with the clothes you have taken out to throw away. Just ask your friends to do the same and have a swap party. It will be fun and you will enjoy getting new clothes they will flaunt your cool personality. It will also help you save a few thousand bucks and same goes for your friends as well.

Women shop differently as that of men. Smart shopping would be to get a few good pieces rather than getting a whole bunch of low quality crap. Always control your emotions while shopping. Get something you will prefer to wear with other 18 or 20 dresses in your wardrobe. You can experiment with a few accessories such as buying a glittering or funky belt and try them with some of your coats or jeans to give them a very new look. It will save you a bit of cash while keeping up with your versatility.

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