How to Wrap a Sari?

A sari is a traditional dress worn by women in the south Asian countries. The approximate length of the sari is about 6 meters. There are many different kinds of saris. At the same time there are many ways of how you can wrap a sari around you. Depending on the type of occasion and the area that you live in you can decide on how you want to wrap the sari.

The most common way to wrap a sari is easy but still needs a practice to master the art of wearing and carrying them around. To start with to wear a sari there are few accessories which are a must. You need a blouse to go with the sari. A matching in skirt or petticoat to tuck the sari into is also required. The sari should have a fall stitched on the inside at the start of the sari. This is stitched as that is the part which rubs against the floor and with a fall you will reduce the incidence of tearing.

Now take the sari with the fall side facing you start tucking the sari from your belly button going anti clockwise. The sari should be draped from center going towards the left. Wrap the sari for a full circle and tuck the excess height into your petticoat. After that take the sari around for another circle around your body but don’t tuck it this time. Now go to the end of the sari which will be the heavy side. This side will have a different design which is also called as the pallu. After holding the pallu start making pleats from left to right. Depending on the width you want you can make the pleats. Making four even size pleats is good for those women who are on the thinner side. For those who have broad chests or are on the heavier side three even pleats will suffice.

Hold the pleats tight and take it around your body once more and pin them evenly on your left shoulder. Now you will find that there is some part of the sari which is lying loose. Adjust your pleats in front i.e. on your chest and then hold the other as tight as you can and pin it on the right side of your belly button. The loose part of the sari has to be pleated now. Start making the pleats from left to right and then when all the pleats are made tuck all the pleats together right under your belly button.

The pleats should be even and the creases should be visible. These pleats at the bottom are essential as they give your legs the space they need to walk freely. The pleats on top when made will give you a very professional look. Many women like to wrap the sari without the pleats on top. This gives the sari a flowy look.

How you want to wrap the sari is your choice. You can tie the sari in many other ways like bringing the pallu frontward from the right shoulder. You can start the sari by making the pleats first and then wrapping the sari around you twice later.
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