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Lehenga is ethnic clothing and has its origin in Asia. It is said that tailored clothes arrived in India with the arrival of Muslims. The belief of Hindus was that any cloth when pierced by needle, loses its purity and they never have worn such types before. They are 3 piece or 2 pcs dresses with exquisite designs and patterns. Both children and women of all ages wear this type of clothing. There are expert designers to give expert fusion work and ordinary work. There are 2 kinds namely printed work, embroidered work and a fusion of these two are made by the designers. A woman wearing lehenga that are embroidered with different artworks gives perfection, stylish and composure to her feminity.

Women fashion clothing of Lehenga is specially made for brides with rich vibrant colors with unique patterns. It is done with rich colors of red, black, green, yellow, white and orange with cotton and silk threads bridal lehenga have rejuvenated the old stitches and elevated embroidery to greatest heights. It has a look of richness during their special occasion of wedding. The collection of Pakistan bridal lehenga having a typical identity of Asian style and culture are designed specially and are done on demand too.  When presented in vibrant colors and amazing embroidery these clothing bring out a woman’s tender nature. The designers classify as Pakistani Lehenga, Indian, Fish tail and Bridal lehenga.

These clothing can be worn as both formal and informal wear. The beauty of embroider dresses is beyond comparison. The specially made lehengas gives you the best wearing to any function and gives you a wonderful look added to your personality. Special unique designs for special specific occasions are also given by the designers in the market. It has a look of evening glamour and can be worn on the most formal occasions too. Such party wear has embroidery work along with chip and stones with adorned the mirrors etc which makes it suitable for any major occasion. These can be done in pale colors too which look gorgeous during evening’s parties.

Lehengas are made in printed cotton, embroidery in silk and in beneras materials with exquisite designs and vibrant colors. Many concerns in the Asian Subcontinent design and manufacture designer wear using the latest fabrics and employees with the finest workmanship to produce the best embroidery patterns to give fusion and non fusion work. These manufacturers with the support of a highly talented craftsmen and state of the art manufacturing facilities provide their clients with the latest designs and innovations in the fashion world using the basic embroidery colors of red, black, green, yellow, white and orange with cotton and silk threads and available latest fashion chips and stones.

Online shopping renders the customers the facility of buying these from UK, US etc. Asian people who like to wear these Lehengas, which are not available in their country, can acquire them through various websites. These dresses can be got at competitive prices from boutiques and direct from manufacturers. Every one has 1000’s of beautiful patterns to satisfy their customers. They render quick and safe delivery through fast services. Some manufactures advertise that they have more than 10000’s of patterns.

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