Mesmerizing Saris for Weddings

Weddings in India are traditional and elaborate affairs that are celebrated in style and extravagant manner. These are events that are arranged lavishly and a lot of money is spent on the attires by attending these functions. People prefer ethnic and traditional wear for these occasions and when it comes to traditional dresses, saris top the list. Indian women can be seen draped in exquisite looking saris on weddings that are not only very expensive but also very beautiful to look at. These saris remind one of ancient and medieval times when rich and upper class women used to wear these saris to flaunt their wealth and status.

Wedding saris in India are typically made of silk with a beautiful design in gold and beads all over with a matching and perhaps heavier border that finally rests on the shoulder of the woman wearing such a sari. Depending upon the personality of the bride, there are available bridal saris in hundreds of shades and textures. You can buy the less ornamental ones for yourself if you are only a guest or the family member of the bride or the groom in a wedding. The most popular of the Indian saris meant for weddings are the Benarsi and the Kanchipuram saris, both of which are made from silk but represent and reflect the tastes of two different regions of India namely the north and the south.

Indian wedding saris can be as costly as many thousands of rupees as they are made from pure silk with golden threads running in between. The real charm of Indian wedding saris lies in their border, also called pallu in India. These borders are truly mesmerizing, having ornamental designs and brocade work to make the women wearing them outlandish.

A wedding sari in India is an object to marvel at the craftsmanship of the artisans who produce it. These saris are crafted in different fabrics and have unique textures and patterns. These dresses are lavish to say the least and are invariably dazzling to say the least. These saris, when draped in style and the right manner can make a woman look almost a statue and a model. Westerners are left marveling at the beauty and dazzle of Indian wedding saris and are speechless when it comes to praising these traditional dresses. Of late, Indian bridal collection that includes these saris is creating waves at international fashion weeks around the world.

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