Pakistani Women’s Dresses Designs

Women are always fond of dressing and having a collection of even 20 or more dresses is not enough for many ladies. They want more and more in her wardrobe and still you can see such ladies saying “I am unable to find a good dress in my wardrobe”. Isn’t it funny! But surely that’s a fact.

This is a story of every 3rd lady in this world. Most of the ladies all around the globe love dressing up wearing the most stylish designs and dresses. Similarly in Asia, ladies love wearing vibrant colors, traditional and modern designs and love to stand out others at formal and informal occasions.

Talking about Pakistan in particular, Pakistani women are famous world over for their stylish and lovely dressing sense and particularly shalwar qameez. Easy to wear, easy to carry, very comfortable, covers you perfectly and yet you can bring in a lot innovations to look fabulous and cool.

With time and progress of fashion industry, dressing sense of Pakistani ladies has evolved and their traditional shalwar qameez has gone through many phases of modernization. So, nowadays one can find Pakistani women in different types of dresses. Although majority of ladies still wear traditional shalwar qameez but most of the young girls in urban areas of the country wear shirts of different styles it can be A-line, short, long,open shirts or paneled shirts with culottes, palazzo or even skinny jeans with a dopatta, or a muffler in their neck. Some still prefer long dopatta or shawls in winters to cover their heads and body.

In the present times one can also find ladies in Pakistan with totally modern dressing with jeans or dress pants and tops carrying fashionable bags and sunglasses. But such ladies comprise only 10% of the total population.

In most parts of Pakistan, women are moving back to choori daars, long or anarkali frocks, panalled frocks both formally and informally. Fashion trends of 1980’s and 1990’s are reviving once again and for this reason there are women wearing shirts with pockets, polka dots, broad shoulders, cuffs, belts or even collar are to be seen in casual wears. A blend of past and present is to be observed.

In addition to that for summer or winter many of the leading brands like Gul Ahmed, Al Karam, Lala, Cresent, Kayseriya and desigers like Asim Jofa, Sana Safinaz, vaneeza, Maria B, Umer Saeed etc release their summer and winter collection for traditional shalwar qameez. Pakistani ladies are crazy to get their favorite designs and prints. They stitch these dresses according the most recent fashion trends to look cool and comfortable. No matter how modern dressing a Pakistani lady does but the traditional look of shalwar kameez is unbeatable. The true essence of Pakistani lady is carried in shalwar qameez and majority still prefers that traditional look over the modern and stylish look.

Similarly on formal occasions like wedding, Pakistani brides wear lehnga, gararaa, sharaara or even shalwar qameez. These traditional dresses are adoned with heavy and sophisticated embroidery and laces to make these brides look stunning on their big day.

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