Sari: Glorifying Femininity

There are countless varieties of dresses for women around the world. Most of these are designed to reflect the femininity of women wearing them. But one attire that is not only ancient but has survived the onslaught of western influences and yet flourished is that of sari. This is a traditional dress worn by women of all ages in the Indian subcontinent. It is not a dress worn by just Indian women as women from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and even Nepal and Maldives can be seen wearing this beautiful attire.

Do not underestimate the power of a sari

If you thought sari was just another piece of unstitched cloth, you have to take a look at women wearing saris in different styles and fabrics on Google or any other search engine. There may be many other dresses that make women more feminine like floral prints on skirts and tops. There may be evening gowns that are designed to enhance the silhouette and the figure of the woman wearing them. But no other dress can match the simplicity and yet elegance of the Indian sari that is unique in the sense that it can be worn as daily wear and also as a dazzling dress that is to be worn on special occasions.

Sari can be a sensuous dress

Sari is worn with a blouse as a top that is stitched to cover the upper part of the body of a woman. However, it is suggestive in the sense that the entire midriff of a woman is naked (probably more in accordance of the heat and humidity than anything else). To make the blouse more stylish, there are many different necklines that are tried by women with sari in India.  Whether or not there is any exposure, sari is one Indian dress that is very sensuous in nature and has always intrigued the foreigners who wonder how Indian women wrap themselves up in such a large piece of cloth in such an attractive manner.

Do not think of sari as an ancient dress

Even if you are a young lady fond of western wear, it is possible for you to look stylish and sexy by wearing sari in a novel manner. If you take a look at the models wearing designer saris walking down the ramp in fashion weeks, you will realize how to look glamorous and trendy in a traditional dress like sari.

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