Stylish Clothing Trends in Asia

Modern designed Kirti and Kurta’s are making a comeback as casual and formal summer wear.  They have a new look that embraces modern styles but are still very comfortable and extremely versatile.  Part of the appeal of Kirti and Kurta’s is the flexibility in design.  It is easy to find stunning long, short or even open styles that accommodate individuals fashion sense.  They are comfortable, and can be quickly transformed from work wear or casual wear with the right accessories.

Over the years there has been a fusion of traditional and western fashion.  As a result there are many plan kirti and kurta’s with a more western business look.  They are great for every day wear but are often very bland.   Designs have been more functional then fashionable.   Now the advantage of the more conservative fashion is that it does not take much to bring some style to them with the proper accessories.  Unfortunately these styles seem to be designed for the more mature consumer, and are not considered very fashionable by the more youthful shopper.

However there has been a wonderful trend to embrace more stylish Asian new fashion clothes.  Ones with more vibrant colors, beautiful designs that are simply more fashionable then the more western business influenced ones. This year there is definitely a fashion trend to move away from plan western inspired functional kirti and kurta’s.  The functionality is still there but now there is more visual appeal.  Monotonous and basic is being replaced with stunning designs and patterns that are much more youthful and vibrant.

Intricate lace and stitch work, bold patterns, bright colors are coming back to Asian new fashion clothes.  The bolder more colorful aspects of western culture are being combined with the vibrancy of the Asian culture.   This creates wonderful blend that is far from the bland and often uninspired western business look.  This trend is moving kirti and kurta’s back into high fashion, with some wonderful new designs that definitely place them into party wear again.  They are simply beautiful again, full of joyous patterns, vibrant colors and attractive lines.

You can clearly see the positive combination of western high fashion with the sophistication and confidence of more traditional designs.  This new trend is strongly changing Asian new fashion clothes for the better.   Today’s designs are graceful and functional.  The new fashions appel to multiple generations.   Even designs with subtle colors are being brought to life with lace and stitch work, matching pants, shoes and even scarves.

The more bold and colorful Asian fashion clothes are designed for both the mature and young at heart.  They can be more westernized by wearing leggings or even jeans underneath for a casual but not dull look.   They can be worn over long skirts or stylized pants for a more formal feel.  Add some accessories and you are ready for a party.  It is easy to see how the right kirti or kurta can combine modernism and traditionalism successfully and very fashionably.

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