Summer Party Wear- Saree / Sari

This summer charge up your wardrobe with the latest Indian sarees rumored to finish at the top of the saree fashion for the year. Considering you do not live in India, that might be a change, right? Well, change is good. What types of sarees are in vogue? What should you buy? Keep reading to find out.

Light colors take the trophy. Most of the designers who are in this saree business have introduced light colored sarees for this year. The hue ranges from one extreme to the other on the spectrum, but all colors have been kept mild. Yellow, however, might be an exception. Quite often, one comes across a bright yellow, intensely beautiful saree. Apart from this, no other color has so far been bold.

What color should you pick? Well, this depends on your skin tone. Are you fair? Are you really fair? Then, bright and bold colors will suit you. As a matter of fact, all colours will suit you. If you have more of a continental touch in your skin tone, you might want to stick to mild colours so as not to accentuate a contrast. Having said this, it must also be said that sarees are all about how you carry them. Are you confident enough about the colour of your choice? You will look pretty in it anyway.

Next, what kind of styles are sarees following nowadays? Most of them are plain and simple, with only lines of embroidery or lace running at the margins. Now this might not be too dressy, but this style is certainly elegant and decent to begin with. Furthermore, sarees themselves are complex dresses (speaking for people who live outside India), and happen to cause heads to turn even when they are simple. The borders, especially the lower ones, have become hot favorites for the designers for embroidery, prints and laces. If you want a saree with embroidery all over it, well, you might have to order it or else, forage for it in all sense of the word’s meanings. Needless to say, the latter will be expensive.

This brings us to the last point of our discussion: price. Sarees, in general, are costly when they are being sold outside India, and Indian sarees, in particular, are sold like hot cakes. When you go out to buy a saree, remember that it will be expensive. Saree, as a dress, requires a lot of cloth. It is a huge dress that covers your body adequately and quite loosely as well. Furthermore, if you are a Muslim, you will probably buy a blouse that covers your torso completely. Adding up the costs, you might want to prepare yourself to buy something good and expensive once and for all.

Nevertheless, sarees are something different, something that will make you stand out in a crowd following prototypical fashions. Therefore, this summer, designers have come up with a fairly commendable stock of sarees to make your parties a better and more beautiful experience for you.

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