Tips to Choose the Dress Color According to your Personality & Complexion

There is a close relationship between the selection of dress colors that you wear and the skin tone and the personality that you have got. The selection of the dress colors should be made very carefully, keeping in mind your personality and skin tone. Some people only take care about the colors that are in vogue these days but it is not a proper criterion for the selection of dress colors and they like to have all those shades in their wardrobe. Just having a look into the fashion and going with the trend is not that good for your outlook. Apart from the fashion or the trend, you should also be having proper awareness about the dress color that suits you. Keep all necessary things in mind before selecting a particular shade of color.

There are different things, which should be kept in mind before the selection of the dress of a particular color. One way to better know what your skin tone is: just find some person in the surroundings having a skin tone and personality who is similar to you and then observe what dress color seems to suit them. There are certain tips to choose the dress color according to your personality and complexion. By following simple tips you can improve your style by selection of good dress colors. It is generally known that a person having a dark skin tone should use light color dresses. On the other hand, your personality has also a vital role to play in the selection of colors. The people who are having good height and weight should not go for tight fitting dresses. People who work in offices should go for the light color dresses. The people who are related to profession like showbiz should go for dark colors as they give a graceful look under the lights.

Always have a good look at the texture of the clothes as the fabrics, which are smooth, make us look slimmer. We look less bulky by wearing dresses in dark colored fabric. On the other hand, bulky stuff can give you a heavy look. This is why overweight girls should prefer fabric with fall while a skinny person can go with thick fabric of their choice. Always choose the fabric that will attract people with your skin tone. The linings of the cloth have a vital role to play in your appearance. If you are short and want to give a good height impression to others, then use clothes with the diagonal lines. Extra large floral prints do not suit women with large frame or plus size. They should choose small floral prints and select darker shades to appear slimmer. Thick lines can also create an illusion that you are bulkier so avoid wearing those. On the other hand, if you are thin and slender you should go for broader lines and bold check prints. Bold prints and bright colors in fabric suit a bubbly personality and those who are socially active. However, color should be selected according to the season, time and event to enhance your personality.

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