Tips To Choose The Right Dress

In many occasions that will definitely come up in a woman’s life, some will call for you to wear a western dress while others may ask you to wear sari like Asian clothing. An individual plays different roles in his life, so he/she has to make sure that they can always find the perfect outfit to wear for every event. Don’t be under an impression that your clothes consists of all the clothing you required.

It is better to get rid of the unnecessary clothes. You will get a better idea of what you are hanging there. Here is a guide that tells you the various events that you will attend and lead you in the correct guidance about what to dress and how. We have discussed as to how to make sure that you can always find the outfit to dress for every event that we will start off with formal outfit and then move onto informal outfits

Select the right color that suits your skin. The right color will make you look very smart and radiant whereas a color that doesn’t suit you will drain gleam from your face. Solid colors will also make you appear taller than what you actually are. Now, it is a trend for color blocking. You might also appear older than necessary if you chose dramatic combinations of dark and strong colors. Bonbon colors might give you a fresh and young looking appearance.

What will be your dress code for formal events?

It depends on the invitation you got. If the invitation mentions black formal, the invitation confirms black formal. So you should not wear anything else, if you did, it would be not respected your host. If it says semi-formal or cocktail attire on the invitation, this means for you to wear a black formal pant and suit. For Ladies, a black sari with not too gaudy trappings is more appropriate. If casual attire is requested, you must first check what kind of event you are attending.  If it is lunch or dinner at your boss’s residence, it requires something like a shirt with trouser.  A formal occasion means that proper outfit like saris in good colors in Kanchivarrum silk. A formal event may be demanding a smart outfit with accessories.

Dressing for Festivals?

If  you are going to attend is in celebration of a Festivals, then outfit should be colorful that reflecting the festival mood and mostly cultural like lehengas,  lachas , sharara, or even may be a very dressy churidhars or salwar kameez. Your clothes should be in solid colors and also with heavy embroideries like kundan, dabka, swarowski crystals sequins, neem zari, zardozi and so on.

What about on Weddings and Receptions?

Your attire is all depending on what time of the day the wedding or reception is to begin. Nowadays the host makes things easier for your life by mentioning the theme on the invitation like dress code yellow Punjabi or red Rajasthani. So it becomes easy for you to find the exact clothes to get ready for the occasion.

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