Traditional Indian Dresses

Traditional Indian clothing is colorful and elegant. Clothing in India varies widely according to the religion, local culture and climatic conditions. For women, the traditional Indian outfit is a saree of a salwar kameez, for men it is a dhoti, kurta or lungi.

The most wonderful part about Indian couture is that it varies from one place to another. In certain parts of India, the most preferred outfits are the traditional dresses, particularly in South India, West Bengal and Maharashtra. The fashion heritage of India is rich in its tradition, using beautiful hues and prepossessing techniques. The colors are used are usually bold and magnificent in the form of innovative drapes catching the imagination of modern man and woman like never before.

The clothing used by the ancient Indians was not stitched, although sewing existed during that time. The clothes wear usually ready-to-wear types. The traditional dress that includes dhuti, uttariya or scarf and turban is still seen in certain arts of modern idnia. Turban is a sign of Punjab and thousands of Punjabis wear turbans till date.

Traditional Indian Dresses for Women

The traditional dresses of women in India vary according to religion and culture. Girls wear long skirts in the adolescence, usually known as ‘paawda or langa’, with a blouse, typically called ‘choli’. Girls in their teenage wear sarees (half-sarees), which is a typical 3 piece dress comprising of choli, langa and a stole. When a girl grows up to become a woman, she wears saree, which is the perfect Indian dress. However, salwar kameez has now become more popular than sarees in certain parts of India and is often considered as a traditional dress.

Sarees are worn over a petticoat and with a blouse that matches the color of the drape. Sarees are available in different colors and textures. Different parts of India have different designer sarees. Cotton, silk, silk of different Indian origins and other materials are very popular. The price of sarees vary widely, staring from 250 INR, but could go up as high as 50,000 INR.

Lehenga or langa choli is popular in Gujarat and Rajasthan. These are also colorful and embroidered clothing that enhances a woman’s beauty. A traditional Assamese woman would wear only Mekhala Chadar, while salwar kameez is the traditional clothing of Punjab that has been adopted by every religion in India.

Traditional Indian Dresses for Men

The traditional male attire in India is a dhoti and a kurta, which is worn in some of the prominent parts of west and central parts of India. Sherwani is worn typically for some special occasions, such as parties or weddings in North India. Salwar kameez is also worn in by men in certain parts of India. Pajama-kurta is also one of the common traditional dresses worn by men in India.

However, today modern Indian men no longer want to wear these dresses regularly; these traditional dresses are only worn for certain occasions. Otherwise men prefer wearing modern jeans and T-shirts or shirts. Dhotis and kurtas have mow become formal dresses in the Indian society.

Indian dresses are a comnb0ution of vibrant colors, embroidery works and quality material. Together, they form the perfect traditional dress that you would love to wear.

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