What Colors you should choose for your Winter Wardrobe?

Winter is fun and when the cold season begins everyone wants to put on their best winter clothing, sit by fire and talk with friends. It brings all the sweet memories back. Color is a statement, no matter what season it is. Depending on your own personal taste, you should ideally choose one neutral color such as camel, grey or brown and brighten it up with a bright scarf, under-shirt, or boots.

Some people do not like things that are around their necks slightly tight, so make use of scarves of bright or patterned colors. Another good thing about a scarf is you can remove it without difficulty if the day grows too warm, which can happen. Matching the scarf to your belt or earrings in a favorite color is often striking without being overpowering.

Colors of your dress can enhance your personality or make it dead. They play an important role in setting the right mood. How colors can affect your moods and help in creating ambience and grace is discussed below:

Black & Brown

Dark colors absorb the sunlight and therefore, black and brown dresses are more preferred over light colored garments. Black has its own grace when mixed with white and some of the brighter shades of red, yellow or blue. Black color is associated with power, strength and sex appeal. Brown color, on the other hand is another winter shade for dresses. You can wear brown in the daytime at office or at the party in the night. It can give both formal and informal look to go with your mood and occasion.

Dark Blue and Green

The saying was once ‘Blue and green should never be seen without a color in between.’ This is no longer true. When blues and greens are shaded into one another, it can be very attractive and not overpowering. Dark blue or navy also work the way of black by appearing to make you appear slimmer. Add an accessory in another color entirely, such as a pink blouse and you are good to go.

Red and White

Feeling romantic! Wear fire engine red to create the mood. If you are diehard fan of red color and want to wear it in the day try to mix it with some white. White color is symbol of purity and it can change the entire persona of a person when combined with dark shades such as red, green, blue and black. You can combine red dress with white colored accessories or do vice versa. Red is one of those colors that are in vogue all the time.

Orange, Yellow and Terracotta

If your complexion is dull and moisture is lost from your skin in winters you definitely need to wear different subtle shades in garments. A neutral or soft coral color used on the cheeks in form of blusher gives a healthy glow on your face. Yellow can be very heavy on the nerves if it is not blended with some other shades or contrasting colors.

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