Why Is The Sari So Attractive?

The sari is considered one of the most attractive garments for a woman, because it can be worn every time in a different style.  Actually there are 18 traditional and modern styles of wearing a sari, and a mix of both the traditional and the modern styles can be a fitting choice for any event.  Sari wearing is typical for Indian women, but now it is being given a new style and design in fashion houses in Milan and Paris.

The sari is one piece of unstitched cloth and is draped in such a fascinating way to show how perfectly dressed the woman is.  It is apparel for any occasion and is worn in India by many women all the time.  A petticoat is worn under the sari to hold the sari in place from the feet to the waist.  A blouse is also worn with the sari to cover the upper part of the body and can be with or without sleeves.

The Indian sari is known to make a woman look sexy, but a lot of credit or beauty of the sari goes to the blouse.  To make the blouse appealing and attractive, it is not just another garment worn along with the sari, but a lot of time and attention is given to the tailoring of the blouse. Today there are designer blouses with lots of varieties like backless, choli, high neck, transparent and blouses with strings.  The sari looks sexier if the blouses are more revealing.  Of course the conventional blouse adds grace and elegance to the draper and reflects her creativity of colors.

Now in cities, the sari has become a party-wear dress.  Or it is worn for different occasions like festivals and marriages, which include the silk and expensive materials used for saris, and the different types of hand work used for them. A sari reflects a woman’s style, grace and elegance.  It is important to drape the sari in a proper manner in order to look perfectly dressed.

It is interesting to know how the sari can look the most attractive on you.  Slim women should wear cotton and silk saris, which will make them look beautiful, attractive and healthy.   On the other hand, healthy women should opt for thinner material like georgette, chignon or chiffon saris, which will make them look slim and attractive.

Shorter women should opt for small borders on the saris so that they look tall.  The opposite is meant for taller women who should wear big borders so that their height is accentuated.  Dark colored saris look attractive on fair complexioned women and light colored saris look good on dark complexioned women.

The sari has no size and the beauty of the garment lies in the draping.  A woman is draped in a sari from head to toe but still it makes her look sexy. The choice of saris is enormous, but whatever she chooses and wears and adds the suitable blouse to it, it gives her a distinctive identity.

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