Kareena Kapoor- Bebo! The Million Dollar Girl

Kapoors have always been in business. A greater half I the film industry is dominated by the Kapoors who have their newer generations paving their way eagerly into the glamor world backed by their predecessors. However, there have been rarely any of them who saw such great success in their career in films. Especially the female Kapoors did not see as much success as the male ones. She is one Kapoor who made her family proud. Replacing her sister in the film industry, she made we own mark; indelible and irrevocable. Kareena Kapoor is currently the queen of Bollywood enjoying so much fame than any other actress has seen in a long time.  Yes, she is the very Kareena who doesn’t girls to run in treadmills and reduce their weight. She is the obsession behind all girls going size zero, starving themselves just so that they could be like this once-a-chubby-girl.

It was exactly after the film jab we met that Kareena emerged on the forefront as the next best in Bollywood. Offered various films after she starved herself to size zero, Kareena struggled incessantly as an actor. She is committed and goal oriented. Taken by a shock after her break up with Shahid Kapoor, she found solace in Saif Ali Khan and is currently hitched to him. Here is a sneak peek into Kareena’s personal and career life. Take a look!

Kareena kappor was born in the year 1980 to the affluent Kapoors who were the first to establish their strong hold on the Bollywood industry. Considered belonging to the first family of Bollywood, Kareena, who was born on 21st September to Randhir and Babita Kapoor, she has been a successful actress so far. Kareena made her debut in the industry with the film Refugee in the year 2000 where she starred opposite Abhishek Bachan who is yet another gem belonging to the family of Amitabh Bachan. She received a best debut award for her film. After that, she did not see much of a progress in her career because the films she worked in were commercialized films that did not give her any room for personal growth and did not bring her any success either. Although she managed to receive widespread critical appreciation for her brilliant acting in Omkara, Chameli and Dev her few films failed her miserably.

Nonetheless, she was destined to meet success and fly high. With her outstanding film ‘jab we met’ that released in the year 2007, Kareena never looked back therewith. She became the talk of the town. She spread everywhere. Offered films one after another, envied for being lavished with much attention and becoming the idol for girls, Kareena had a fair share of fame.

Her popular movies are kabhi khushi kabhi gham, Yuva, Golmaal Returns, Jab we met, Mujhe kuch kehna hai and ajnabee. The bebo of the industry continues with her unmatched and sparkling beauty. Height 5’5”, she rules hearts and minds of her fans. She is the con of the young generation who follow her from head to toe.

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