Top Ten Movies of Amitabh Bachan

Amitabh Bachan stands as a complete book of acting in the history of Hindi cinema. He certainly is the king of Bollywood whose magnificent personality, versatility of characters and extraordinary performance has caught the world around him for last 40 years. He has acted in 198 films so far and the world has seen him depicting a variety of characters and found him just out of the world for each of role he played in his films.  No matter if the tall man of the industry was not successful in his early days of his film career but in a little while the world saw him as an established actor.  Soon his films and performance were noticed and the world saw a shinning star was born whose position would be a dream for every actor to achieve.

With the very few films, Amitabh proved that he is a versatile actor and can indulge in every role. No wonder if any of his characters has attracted you to watch his movies. In a variety of roles, somewhere he makes us cry with his performance for example , as a loving husband and hopeless father in Baghbaan,  and somewhere he witness him making us laugh too with some of his characters such as a loyal servant in Namak Halaal.  He is an intensive lover of Silsila and Muqadar ka sikandar, a fighter of Sholay and Deewar. Besides performing positive shades of characters,  Amitabh Bachan has appeared in negative characters too  which were highly praised and thus proved his flexibility. His some of excellent performances as negative characters can be seen in Don, Agneepath, Sarkar, Aankhen, Sakar Raj, and Kaante.

There is a long list of awards that honored him for his performances but Amitabh Bachan is an actor who has many praises on his credit from the very beginning. He is one of the fortunate people who won his first National Film Awards for Best Newcomer for his performance as a debut in Saat Hindustani. Besides that, Anand is also one of his early day’s films where he played a simple and honest doctor and received Filmfare Best Supporting Actor.  His Sholay was the biggest Bollywood film of its time which was played for 5 years in its first show and was taken off when Amitabh’s another movie Shaan was released.

Amitabh Bachan has worked with a good number of actresses as a on-screen pair including Rekha, Jaya Bahadari, Parveen Bobby, Rakhee Gulzaar, Hema Malini, Sri Devi and Jaya Parada but his on-screen chemistry with Rekha was always admired.

It will be unfair to categorize top ten movies from a long list of his outstanding movies where we can see him extraordinary every time but this piece of writing requires this categorization to be done so I can give it a try. However you may not be agreed with the list I mention for this legendary star of the world due to fact that his films and performance can’t be compared with each other.

Top 10 Movies:

10. Namak Halaal

9. Deewaar

8. Sholay

7. Sharaabi

6. Muqaddar Ka Sikandar

5. Baghbaan

4. Black

3. Agneepath

2. Don

1. Abhimaan

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