Abida Parveen- A Living Legend

Sindh is the Pakistani province rich in culture and heritage and always remains in news because of its famous architecture, mangroves, wild life improvement, tradition, customs, literates, bon mot people, politicians, philosophers, shrines, tombs and of course because of its magical Sufi singers.

Abida Parveen a name that needs no introduction not in Pakistan in fact, in every nook of the world. She has the most remarkable and melodious voice on this planet and is the renowned singer of sufiana Kalaam, Ghazals and Qawalees. She is also recognized as the spiritual daughter of Sindh’s Shakespeare Shah Abdual Latif Bhittai the famous classical Sindhi poet.   She born in Mohalla Ali Goharabad Larkana Sindh in 1954 and was brought up in a mysticism environment and got necessary basic music education from his father Ghulam Haider and later from Ustaad Slamat Ali Khan in Lahore. But, she owes grooming credit to her husband sheikh Ghulam Husain who was the music director in Radio Pakistan, Hyderabad. She also received training in the sufiana music from the legend Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. Abida Parveen and Sheikh Ghulam Husain have 2 kids a daughter Pareha who is an MBA and serving her as her advisor and son Saranj.

Hyderabad Radio introduced her for the first time in 1977. Today, she is the most famous and well known ghazal and folk singer of Pakistan. She breathed a new wave and life into semi classical and ghazal music. She holds a huge fan following across the boundaries. She has her own unique performance style far different than other stage singers. She starts each number so solemnly and as the evening progress she sinks deeper and deeper in sufiana kalam and kafi’s. She is no doubt, a lady of few words and is proudly judged and known by her voice. She is profoundly humble and deeply religious.

She performed on innumerable venues including secular and sacred, from shrines of the saints in her homeland to the world’s biggest and greatest halls. She has the honor to enlighten the famous but unfortunate World Trade center with her melodious voice. The joy and happiness of Sufism is experienced in several other renowned halls and countries. Her sufiana kalam and enchanting voice enable her to win million and trillion of hearts inland and abroad. Because of her devotional and never ignoring contribution to keep the sufi music alive has been appreciated and she is bestowed with several notable awards some of them are as follows.

  • Shah Abdul Latif Gold Medal
  • Sachal Sarmast Gold Medal
  • President’s Gold Medal Award for Pride of Performance
  • Qalandar Lal Shahbaz Gold Medal
  • Sindh Graduate Association Gold Medal

Recently, she judged a reality music show with Asha Bhosly and Runa Laila in which they have to judge the Indian and Pakistani Music talent. She also contributed in internationally recognized Pakistani music show Coke studio and spells the magic of sufiana Kalam in her pleasant voice. In short, Abida Parveen is a living legend and a live coaching for upcoming singers.

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