Diversity of South Asian Music

Music is the food of soul. History of music dates back to hundreds of years. People have been into music industry for centuries and this form of art have gone through different phases and now we can listen to a variety of music since it has been classified into several categories like classical, jazz, pop, semi classical, ghazal, thumri, folk etc. South Asia has been blessed with a number of renowned musicians, composers and singers as well. If we count upon them the list will go on and on. Asian music has deep and rich musical history and no matter you want to listen to some of the old musicians or you are a pop music enthusiast you will definitely enjoy the music a lot. Language does not matter much it’s the tune, the feel and singing that matters a lot. Asia has always been on the cutting edge of music or new varieties and also it appears that Asian music will rock the work of music in future also. In South Asia, Pakistani and Indian music has a special global recognition so we shall discuss about sub continental music industry particularly.

If we particularly talk about the music of sub continent, it has a rich past and a bright future. In Pakistan earlier music was more of folk, ghazal, or classical and music legends Madam Noor jahan, Mehdi Hassan, Ahmad Rushdi, Sohail Rana etc sung world’s most romantic and enchanting songs for many lollywood movies but in late 80’s some of the amazing pop singers like Nazia Hassan, Alamgir, Muhammad Ali Shehki and a few more names introduced pop singing to Pakistani listeners and viewers. They revitalized music lovers with their amazing singing and got hype. Till now there are many die-hard fans of these legendry singers. As the time passed by the pop industry progressed and now we have world class and globally known pop singers, rock bands and some of the fusion singers who are fusing classical and pop music together very efficiently.

Peeping into the Indian music industry, there have been quality singers like Lata Mangeshker, Muhammad Rafi, Kishore Kumar etc who sung the ever green songs for years and are still being sung by the modern and young singers. But Indian music is more about the religious music. Indian music is as old as the Hinduism. Indian singers sing bhajans and other worship songs. Some of the devotional songs like Vedaas have a long lasting tradition. But in today’s music we see more of the western music. Pop and rock music has huge popularity and recognition in the recent past. However, different forms of music whether folk, regional, classical but Bollywood songs do have their individual place in the Indian music industry.

Sub- continental music industry has so much to offer and there are plethora of singers, composer, lyricists, instrumentalists and much more and this industry has so many things to be discussed about that this short write up seems a single drop to the ocean of south Asian music industry.

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